S1 E02 Episode 2

05/08/15 | TV-PG | CC

The deal fell apart in Season 5 between shark Mark Cuban and New York City entrepreneurs Josh Hix and Nick Taranto and their chef-designed meals at-home online business, Plated. Then a chance encounter and a new investment with shark Kevin O’Leary helped to revive it. But costly mistakes make Kevin increasingly doubtful that the duo can make a profit.

When shark Mark Cuban invested in The Red Dress Boutique website in Season 6, he was pleased with the return on his investment. Meanwhile, ambitious owners Diana & Josh Harbour from Athens, GA believe they can give their customers a better online shopping experience by building a new website -- a risk that the outspoken Mark strongly opposes.

One of the youngest entrepreneurs to get a deal in the Tank was then 11-year old Ryan Kelly from Stamford, CT in Season 4 with shark Barbara Corcoran for the dog treat business now called Ryan’s Ruffery. While the company experiences healthy growth, young Ryan focuses on his schooling and his mother, Daniela, takes care of all the business’s needs, despite having suffered two strokes. An understandably concerned Barbara meets with Ryan and Daniela to strategize how to keep the business on track.

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