S2 E02 Episode 2

01/07/16 | TV-PG | CC

Mark Cuban checks in on the investment he made during Season 4 with then 18-year-old Lani Lazzari's Simple Sugars natural-scrub product line. He believed he saw in her a "mini-me." Three years later, Mark might have to corral some of the ideas this now accomplished businesswoman from Pittsburgh has, which include her desire to grow Simple Sugars into a $30 million company.

After Daymond John made a deal with Solomon Fallas from New York, the Shark and the entrepreneur didn't always see eye-to-eye about how best to market Solomon's 180 Cup, a party cup with a built-in shot glass. Daymond wonders if they will continue as business partners, and a tense meeting provides the answer.

In Season 5, Abe Geary from Camarillo, CA immediately regretted not taking a Shark's offer for 60 percent of his offbeat product, Pet Paint, a non-permanent colored hairspray for pets. But he did take their helpful advice to heart and went on to rack up $1 million in sales. As he focuses to get the product into a retail space without a Shark's guidance, he's discovering it's not as easy as he thought.

Before Stephen Hersh from New York went into the Tank during Season 6, he had almost bankrupted his luggage company, Biaggi, with excess inventory and high overhead. Lori Greiner's investment saved him, but she's shocked to learn he's invested half-a-million dollars in a product he knows doesn't meet her approval. Is he going to make the same mistake?

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