S1 E32 Gizmo's Cereal Bar in Los Angeles

03:10 | 12/30/18 | NR | CC

Remember a simpler time full of Saturday morning cartoons and grabbing breakfast to eat in front of the TV? You probably made a bowl of cereal, and it was the best of times. That's what we wanted to bring to you. We're serving up nostalgia, our childhood memories, and the flavors of a worry-free life, in a bowl. At Gizmo's Cereal Bar in Downtown Los Angeles you can try curated homemade bowls, which are considered deconstructed desserts or candy bars. Gizmo's isn't just the breakfast from our earlier years, Gizmo's can be lunch, a midday snack, or breakfast for dinner. For more information, visit www.gizmoscereal.com.

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