black-ish Friday: A Johnson Family Holiday Shopping Guide

By Jason Leung | Nov 20th, 2014

Black Friday is coming, so while you stand in line waiting for the latest sales or while you take a break from bargain-hunting at the mall, pass the time by watching these black-ish clips for some holiday gift ideas and shopping inspiration.

LEGO building blocks are perfect for kids of all ages, and, in Junior (Marcus Scribner) and Jack's (Miles Brown) case, Star Wars fans of all tolerance levels. (From Season 1, Episode 6 of black-ish, "The Prank King.")

Sneak Peek: Dre Freaks Out Junior|Preview Dre's Halloween chair prank.|Dre (Anthony Anderson) fears his holiday fun will be ruined when the older kids balk at the glorious Johnson Halloween tradition of seeing who can pull the most outlandish pranks on each other. The kids apparently won't take his practical jokes sitting down, especially after his chair prank freaks out Andre Jr. (Marcus Scribner). From Season 1, Episode 6 of black-ish, "The Prank King." ABC WEDNESDAYS 9:30|8:30c.


Everyone has someone in their life with a shoe obsession. If you know a sneaker collector, Dre's (Anthony Anderson) impressive closet is good for any shoe lover's soul (and sole). But look in his closet only, never try on his shoes. (From Season 1, Episode 3 of black-ish, "The Nod.")



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Nailguns. Nothing cooler than nailguns. Especially if you use them like you're in a John Woo movie. (From Season 1, Episode 6 of black-ish, "The Prank King.")

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For that special someone, follow Dre's lead and lavish that person with fresh tulips, candles, potpourri, rose petals and fine silk sheets. If it's good enough for Dre's mom, it's good enough to make his wife jealous. (From Season 1, Episode 8 of black-ish, "Oedipal Triangle.")

Dre's Prepares for His Mom's Arrival|Dre and Bow each have different feelings for his mother.|Dre (Anthony Anderson) is excited that his mom Ruby (guest star Jenifer Lewis) is visiting for Thanksgiving and prepares the guest bed with potpourri and rose petals. Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross), on the other hand, is decidedly less excited about the arrival of her mother-in-law. For Bow, it's like the coming of winter in "Game of Thrones." From Season 1, Episode 8 of black-ish, "Oedipal Triangle." ABC WEDNESDAYS 9:30|8:30c.

For the person who has everything, you need to go big. Forget the gift cards and go with cash, blinged-out bicycles, gold jewelry and other statement pieces that declare things like "spoiled," "pampered" and "hard to shop for." (From Season 1, Episode 7 of black-ish, "The Gift of Hunger.")

The Johnson Kids Livin' Large|What happens when you give your kids too much?|Dre (Anthony Anderson) is concerned he's spoiled his kids too much, but Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) maintains there's nothing wrong with treating their kids when they've both worked so hard to be successful. Dre still thinks it's bad if you give your kids too much and he envisions a scenario where they're riding blinged-out bicycles and being all about the Benjamins. From Season 1, Episode 7 of black-ish, "The Gift of Hunger." ABC WEDNESDAYS 9:30|8:30c.

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