Is Dre the Worst Santa Ever?

By Sharon Knolle | Dec 11th, 2014

When the office's longtime Santa passes away, Dre (Anthony Anderson) angles for the job since he thinks it's high time for them to have a Black Santa in the Season 1, Episode 10 of black-ish, "Black Santa/White Christmas."

Dre urges his boss to "think outside the box" in naming a replacement, but he's not prepared for how outside the box he goes when it's announced the new Santa is HR's Angelica (guest star Ana Ortiz). 

The battle for the red suit isn't over yet: Dre points out that Angelica doesn't chuckle "ho, ho, ho," the right way, so he lands the job. But Angelica finds a way to get her revenge at the Christmas party, one that leaves Dre looking like the worst Santa ever.. 

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