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Viewers will ride along with the proud men and women of the Boston Emergency Services, one of America's most seasoned team of first responders: the first step in the chain of trauma care. It was this same group that answered the desperate calls of runners and spectators three years ago when the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon. Treating the injured and ferrying the wounded to hospitals, the Boston EMS earned the gratitude of a shell-shocked and grief-stricken city with their cool-headed professionalism. In Boston EMS viewers will meet some of the heroes of that terrible day as they answer new calls and respond to a daily dose of trauma and mayhem. 

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season 2

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    S2 E6 Boston EMS: 08/26/16 Part 2

    58-year-old man collapses after experiencing chest pain; the team responds to a call for a man threating to jump off of a roof; 30-year-old woman with a history of asthma runs short of breath.

    40:4608/26/16Season 2NR
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    S2 E5 Boston EMS: 08/26/16 Part 1

    The team tends to a man with a upper thigh gunshot wound; 9 year old boy gets treated for a hand laceration from broken glass; Medics try to convince an 85-year-old man to see a primary care physician

    40:2608/26/16Season 2NR
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    S2 E4 Boston EMS 08/20/16

    Pregnant woman involved in a car accident; emotionally disturbed man disrupts prayer service; crews work to contain house fire.

    40:4608/19/16Season 2NR
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    S2 E3 Boston EMS 08/13/16

    Team rushes stab victim with serious stomach injuries to the OR; Medic discusses what it was like responding to the Boston Marathon bombing; Car accident occurs while treating a diabetic patient in an ambulance.

    40:4608/13/16Season 2NR
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    S2 E2 Boston EMS 08/06/16

    Team struggles to pull drowning man from river; 6-year-old boy fractures his arm; scented candle causes building fire.

    40:0508/06/16Season 2NR