S2 E03 Inventing the Girl

10/05/09 | TV-PG | CC

It’s Fashion Week in New York City and model, Jenna McBoyd, is found dead in a fountain. Beckett and Castle head to designer Teddy Farrow’s fashion show. Jenna worked for Teddy, as does her friend and fellow model, Sierra Goodwin. Teddy says Jenna seemed agitated lately, which Sierra attributes to the fact that Jenna was about to be announced as the new face of the Teddy Farrow collection. That’s a pretty high-pressure gig.

A beautiful model named Rina approaches Castle, claiming to know him, but he’s clueless as to how. She gives him her number and Castle later discovers that Rina used to be Alexis’ babysitter. They used to watch High School Musical together. Rina and Alexis, that is. Not Castle. At least, we assume not Castle.

Jenna’s husband, Travis, is convinced she was killed by a stalker they’d reported to the police. Ryan and Esposito find a discarded package for a digital camera memory card on the rooftop where the stalker was seen. Fingerprints show it belonged to Will James, who has prior restraining orders against him. The team heads to James’ apartment, where they find a photo of Jenna McBoyd. But stalker boy’s alibi checks out. Bummer.

[break] Travis tells them about Wyatt Monroe, a fashion photographer with whom Jenna had a fight. Castle and Beckett question Wyatt at a posh party where Teddy Farrow has announced Sierra Goodwin as the new face of his line. Castle speculates that perhaps Sierra murdered Jenna in order to usurp her place as Teddy Farrow’s favorite model. Rina lets them know that Sierra has a reputation for sabotaging other models.

It turns out that Sierra hired Will James to stalk Jenna, hoping to scare her out of the modeling industry. She also received a supply of an amphetamine from him, which Sierra used to dose Jenna and make her paranoid. Sierra says she had nothing to do with the murder but knows who Jenna left the party with the night she was killed: Wyatt Monroe.

Wyatt had previously sabotaged photos of Jenna in an effort to get Jenna to sleep with him. Apparently, if models have sex with this slimeball, he flicks the pics that can make them stars. It seems that Jenna had agreed to go home with Wyatt the night she was killed. Beckett and Castle discover that Wyatt’s alibi for the night doesn’t check out and they confront him at his loft. Castle spots Jenna’s shoes under Wyatt’s couch, while Beckett notices an award missing on Wyatt’s shelf—an award that would exactly fit the fatal stab wound on Jenna’s body. It seems that our team has their man.

[break] Wyatt admits that Jenna came back to his place but says that she was trying to trap him. She was recording their conversation to prove that he was forcing her to give him sex in exchange for good photos. When Wyatt caught on as to what Jenna was doing, she grabbed the award, broke it and used it to scare him off as she left the loft. Beckett has Wyatt locked up, but just to be certain, she tracks down Jenna’s new cell phone, which she used to record the encounter with Wyatt. What they find on that cell phone is startling.

They bring in Jenna’s husband Travis and play the cell phone recording for him. The recording reveals that Travis had followed Jenna to Wyatt’s loft. Jealous and convinced she’d cheated on him; Travis confronted Jenna and killed her with the broken award she swiped from Wyatt. Travis had feared that Jenna was leaving him. Beckett plays the recording from Wyatt’s loft, showing that Jenna had stayed faithful and only wanted to go home to her husband. Travis crumbles, as he realizes that he’s killed the woman who was true to him.

Castle heads home to his family, where Rina stops by, but not to see Castle. She’s there for movie night with Alexis. It’s going to be a High School Musical marathon. Think Castle will join them?

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