S2 E24 A Deadly Game

05/17/10 | TV-PG | CC

Castle is having trouble finishing his latest book, “Naked Heat.” Catchy title, right? He’s been avoiding the phone calls of his publisher/ex-wife, Gina, like the plague. Castle is also bummed to learn that Alexis is bailing on their weekend plans in the Hamptons to start a summer program at Princeton. The fact that his little girl will be staying in a coed dorm certainly doesn’t cushion the blow.

Time for Plan B – as in Beckett! Yes, Castle asks her to join him for a getaway weekend at the beach. Beckett believes he’s working awfully hard to see her in a swimsuit. Castle begs to differ. He says, “If you are not comfortable in a swimsuit, you can just skinny dip.” He’s so thoughtful. He’s also out of luck since Beckett is still dating Detective Tom Demming and, of course, there’s a murder that needs solving.

Roger Farraday is a player in a high-end fantasy spy game. Correction: He “was” a player. Farraday is shot dead in a park. At the Spy Ventures office, Hugo Morrison, the employee who acted as Farraday’s handler, says his last mission was a bus locker drop with a player named Andrea Fisher. Long Island housewife Andrea says that their joint mission was the first time she’d ever met the victim and that afterwards, Farraday told her he had an additional mission to deliver a briefcase.

Castle and Beckett discover the briefcase was not part of the Spy Ventures game. Hugo Morrison was selling fake ID’s for side money and used the unwitting Farraday to make his delivery. After the mission, Farraday called to say that a dark sedan was following him, but Hugo thought he was just being paranoid. But it’s not paranoia if someone’s really after you.

[break] Beckett and Castle believe they’ve been looking at the case all wrong. Whoever killed Farraday wasn’t involved in the spy fantasy, but used the game to cover their crime. Farraday’s business partner, Lee Copley, recently went bankrupt and was spotted driving a dark sedan just hours before the murder. However, Copley alibis out because he was sleeping with Farraday’s wife at the time of the crime. Adulterer, yes. Murderer, no.

Beckett and Castle look into Farraday’s financials again. He made a transfer of ten grand to Spy Ventures to pay for Andrea Fisher’s spy-cation. Andrea admits to having an affair with Farraday, but begs Beckett and Castle not to tell her husband. Beckett says her hubby already knows. Why? Well, he found out about his wife’s affair and killed Farraday in cold blood. Another case closed. But will it be Castle’s last?

Fellow writers James Patterson, Michael Connelly and Stephen J. Cannell point out one possible reason why Castle hasn’t been able to finish his book. They fear Beckett has become more of a distraction than a muse. Later, Castle tells Beckett that he’s going to the Hamptons not just for the weekend, but for the entire summer.

[break] Beckett doesn’t believe Castle’s departure will be forever. Esposito gives her reason to think again. He says, “Why do you think he’s been following you around all this time? What…research? The guy’s done enough research to write 50 books. Look, whatever the reason is, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t include watching you be with another guy.” Like we said, this has Beckett thinking twice about things, as she abruptly ends her relationship with a heartbroken Demming.

Interrupting a bon voyage bash for Castle, Beckett says, “This past year working with you…I’ve had a really good time.” She obviously has more to say, but their chat is interrupted when Castle’s publisher/ex, Gina, comes into the station. Much to everyone’s surprise, Beckett learns that Gina will be spending the summer with Castle at the beach. She’s going to supervise his writing, but the way they are acting, we get the sense they’ll be mixing business with pleasure.

Beckett looks like she’s been punched in the gut as she watches Castle and Gina walk away, arms cupped around each other’s backs. Beckett needs to heave a Hail Mary pass before Castle walks out of her life forever. She timidly asks, “See you in the fall?” Fortunately, Castle turns and reassuringly says, “See you in the fall.” Whew!

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