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When viewers first met Richard Castle, a famous mystery novelist, he was creatively blocked. But when the NYPD questioned him in connection with a series of murders staged to imitate crime scenes from his books, Castle found inspiration in NYPD Detective Kate Beckett. Once that initial case was solved, Castle and Beckett continued to investigate strange homicides in New York, combining Castle's writer intuition and Beckett's creative detective work. In the Season 7 finale, Beckett was faced with a choice about her future. Now that she's been promoted to Captain, how will New York's famous couple adapt in Season 8?

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season 4

    S4 E401 Rise

    Detective Beckett struggles to survive; Castle tries to identify the shooter; Ryan and Esposito try to adjust to the new captain.

    09/19/11Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E402 Heroes & Villains

    Castle and Beckett suspect a costume-clad vigilante is responsible for the mysterious murder of an ex-con.

    09/26/11Season 4TV-14
    S4 E403 Head Case

    Castle and Beckett investigate a crime scene that involves a large pool of blood but no victim; Alexis receives news about Stanford.

    10/03/11Season 4NR
    S4 E404 Kick the Ballistics

    When a young woman is shot to death, Beckett and Castle learn the gun used was the one a serial killer stole from Detective Ryan.

    10/10/11Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E405 Eye of the Beholder

    A sexy insurance investigator (Kristin Lehman) with a secret helps Castle and Beckett when a valuable sculpture is stolen and someone is murdered; a rich museum benefactor (Jessica Tuck) garners suspicion.

    10/17/11Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E406 Demons

    Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a ghost hunter who was looking into a haunting at a New York mansion.

    10/24/11Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E407 Cops & Robbers

    Martha and Castle are held hostage by bank robbers dressed in hospital scrubs; Beckett's rescue efforts are hindered by a strict hostage negotiator (Dean Norris).

    10/31/11Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E408 Heartbreak Hotel

    When a casino owner is murdered at an abandoned warehouse, suspects emerge in New York and Atlantic City; during the investigation, Castle throws an impromptu bachelor party for Ryan.

    11/07/11Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E409 Kill Shot

    The team searches for a sniper who is terrorizing New York; Beckett tries to hide her worsening PTSD from Castle and the detectives.

    11/21/11Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E410 Cuffed

    Beckett and Castle wake up handcuffed together in bed in a locked room with no memory of how they got there.

    12/05/11Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E411 Till Death do Us Part

    When Castle and Beckett investigate the death of a ladies' man, a twist in the case may disrupt Ryan's wedding.

    01/09/12Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E412 Dial M for Mayor

    When a woman is found dead in her car, the investigation leads to New York Mayor Robert Weldon (Derek Webster), one of Castle's longtime friends.

    01/16/12Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E413 An Embarrassment of Bitches

    The investigation into the death of a famous dog trainer leads to a reality-TV star.

    01/23/12Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E414 The Blue Butterfly

    Castle and Beckett must investigate a mysterious case from 1947 in order to solve the present-day murder of a treasure hunter.

    02/06/12Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E415 Pandora

    In The Castle Two-Part Event, Jennifer Beals Guest Stars! Castle and Beckett discover the killer they are pursuing is part of an international conspiracy and they must work with a CIA agent with whom Castle has a history.

    02/13/12Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E416 Linchpin

    Beckett and Castle must stop a series of events that could result in a war.

    02/20/12Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E417 Once Upon a Crime

    When two women are found dead dressed as fairytale characters, Castle and Beckett must race to find the killer before he strikes again.

    02/27/12Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E418 A Dance With Death

    When Odette Morton, a contestant on the hit competition show “A Night of Dance,” is found murdered in her dressing room, Castle and Beckett must navigate the case’s many twists and twirls without stepping on each other’s toes.

    03/19/12Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E419 47 Seconds

    When a bomb kills five people at a protest rally, Beckett and Castle try to solve the case by reconstructing the 47 seconds prior to the explosion.

    03/26/12Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E420 The Limey

    An attractive detective from Scotland Yard (Brett Tucker) teams up with Castle and Beckett to investigate the murder of his friend's daughter; Lanie tries to talk Beckett into making a move on Castle.

    04/02/12Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E421 Headhunters

    Castle takes on Detective Ethan Slaughter (Adam Baldwin) as his partner when tension between himself and Beckett rises, and he sees a new side to police work that puts him in danger.

    04/16/12Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E422 Undead Again

    When Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a man with human bite marks on his body, Castle's wild theories start flying. But none are as wild as what their only witness insists happened - a Zombie attack.

    04/30/12Season 4TV-PG
    S4 E423 Always

    Castle tries to protect Beckett as she pursues the man who shot her; the 12th precinct is forever changed as feelings and secrets are revealed.

    05/07/12Season 4TV-PG