S4 E01 Rise

09/19/11 | TV-PG | CC

It’s total chaos as Beckett is rushed to the hospital after being shot by a sniper. Lanie rides atop the gurney. She’s doing her best to save her friend. Castle is close behind. Trauma doc Josh isn’t supposed to operate on someone close to him, but time is critical. After the replacement surgeon arrives, Josh shoves Castle into a wall. He blames him for pushing Beckett into solving her mom’s murder. Castle believes the guy has a point.

Once Beckett is stabilized, Castle learns that she doesn’t remember much about being shot. That means she doesn’t know that he said he loved her. Beckett claims she needs time to heal. She’ll call when she feels up to chatting again. Months pass without Beckett ever once picking up the phone. When she finally returns to work, Castle is nowhere to be found.

Captain Victoria Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald) is the newest face in the precinct. Her tough, by-the-book style earned her the nickname “Iron Gates.” She prefers to be addressed as “Captain” or “Sir.” One of her first orders of business was to kick Castle to the curb. Ryan says, “Apparently, her precinct’s got no room for a dilettante writer playing cop.” Dilettante writer? Really? This lady truly doesn’t know Castle!

Beckett finally approaches Castle at a book signing for Heat Rises. He’s mad at first but settles down once he learns that Josh is officially out of the picture. Beckett makes it clear that she’s never going to be able to be part of a true relationship until she puts the case involving her mother’s murder to rest. Castle promises to help. And, after a call to the mayor that totally ticks off Captain Gates, he and Beckett are partners once again.

[break]Castle uncovered a money trail that led to bank that had its files destroyed in a suspicious warehouse fire. Before he was killed, Captain Montgomery mailed a package to a mystery man. It’s filled with evidence. Once the man sees what’s inside, he places a call to the congressional offices at the U.S. Capitol. Just how deep does this case go?

Speaking of cases, Ryan and Esposito catch the murder of celebutante Sonya Gilbert, who was shot in her security apartment. The victim’s boyfriend, Dale, left the place several hours after the murder went down. The team tracks Dale to his band’s rehearsal space. When the suspect pulls a gun on Beckett, she freezes. Backup arrives just in the nick of time. No one notices Beckett’s trembling hand. No one but Castle.

Beckett and Castle question Ron Halstead, the fire inspector who signed off on the mysterious warehouse fire as an accident. Beckett doesn’t believe him and she lets it be known loudly. Castle’s obvious concern is escalated when the mystery man we mentioned earlier calls saying he’s a friend of Montgomery’s. He says Beckett is safe as long as she stays away from the case. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet.

Castle is worried about Beckett and Alexis is worried about her father. She says, “You need to grow up, Dad. You’re a writer, not a cop. Stop pretending.” These words hit home, as do the ones Castle lays on Beckett when he begs her to slow down. One way she can do so is by helping solve Sonya Gilbert’s murder.

[break]The team doesn’t believe Dale is the shooter. The killer must have been in the apartment before the couple arrived home and then patiently waited long enough to frame Dale. Prints of Dale’s bandmate, Mitch, are found under the bed. The team swarms on the rehearsal space once again. And, once again, Beckett is staring down the barrel of gun. She’s afraid, but Castle talks her through the fear. Beckett orders Mitch to drop his gun, which he does. As for Beckett, her hands aren’t trembling one bit as she slaps the cuffs on a killer.

Back at home, Castle and Alexis have a heart-to-heart. He explains that he needs to be there for Beckett and she tells her dad not to grow up too much. He won’t. But he also won’t ever stop trying find out who hired the sniper to shoot Beckett, as evidenced by the persons of interest chart he’s been secretly keeping.

Most cops never go back to therapy after they pass their psych evaluation allowing them to return to duty. But Kate Beckett has a lot on her mind as she pays a return visit to the police shrink. First and foremost is the fact that she lied about the shooting. As it turns out, Detective Kate Beckett remembers everything. Wow.

CASTLE QUESTION OF THE MOMENT: Castle has no idea Beckett knows he said he loved her. Who is now carrying the bigger burden by keeping their feelings in check?

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