S5 E12 Death Gone Crazy

01/21/13 | PG | CC

Castle is upset to learn that Alexis has a video blog where she’s sharing personal info with the entire world. It’s nothing as salacious as the stuff Beau Randolph produces. We first the man behind the tawdry “College Girls Gone Crazy” video empire in Season 4’s “Head Case.” The guy is still a purveyor of porn, but he doesn’t seem as carefree as he once was. In fact, he looks downright conflicted right up until the moment he’s strangled to death with a bra inside a club bathroom.

Esposito takes an immediate interest in Beau’s bodyguard, a beautiful lady named Scarlet Jones. She says a soft core porn star named Tiffany Shaw is likely behind the murder of her boss. The woman was obsessed. Beau’s cameraman/producer, Troy Strickland, agrees that Tiffany is a good suspect, but he didn’t see her in the club. He also says Beau had no family of his own. It’s as if he was always looking for one though. As for the case, Castle and Beckett see security video of Scarlet Jones breaking into Beau’s safe. Espo is bummed.

Scarlet says she broke into Beau’s office to steal a sex tape that her friend made. She took the security job to make sure the video never got released. Scarlet also broke the nose of a guy who got physical with Beau awhile back. Esposito supervises her work with a sketch artist. When they are done, he asks her out on a date. As for the guy in Scarlet’s sketch, his name is Seth. He was trying to get Beau to partner with him in a new video series featuring male stars. He calls it “College Guys Gone Nuts.” Catchy.


Seth says that he had a confrontation with the victim because he backed out of their deal. Beau wanted to invest in something else. He also says he had a fight with Tiffany Shaw the night he was killed. Her bra is identified as the same one that was used for the murder. Tiffany says she lost her bra in the club when she had “revenge sex” in a bathroom to get back at Beau for rejecting her. She also says that Scarlet Jones once picked up a bag of cash in a trash can. She’s a suspect once again. And, once again, Esposito is bummed.

Scarlet fesses up that she wasn’t after a sex tape. She was hired by Little Frog Enterprises, a children’s media company, to dig up dirt on Beau. The head of the organization says the victim approached him to bail him out of some financial trouble. Beau said he didn’t want “College Girls Gone Crazy” to be his legacy. The CEO was looking for leverage to force him to back off with his board of directors. He turns over the SD card that Scarlet found. Beau was protecting it at all costs. More on that later.

Ronald Armstrong, the founder of a group called “Voices for Decency.” He organized a protest outside the club the night Beau was killed. He had his no idea that his daughter was inside the place at the time. Her name is Candace. She’s a kindergarten teacher. She also knew Beau Randolph intimately. She’s on the sex video that’s on the SD card that Scarlet found. If that tape ever got out, it would destroy her life and her family. She just became the prime suspect.


Candace says she met Beau at a bar. She had no idea who he was when they had a one night stand. He didn’t know who she was either. Candace became pregnant after their night together. When Beau saw the ultrasound, he made it his mission to be a better man for the baby’s sake. He set up a trust fund and was trying to go legit. Beau was going to shut down “College Girls Gone Crazy” to convince Candace that he was changing for good. That meant that producer Troy Strickland would be out of business. That’s why he killed Beau. Case closed.

Castle has a heart-to-heart chat with his daughter over the dangers of putting things out there on the Internet. Alexis assures her dad that she’s careful and smart. She also needs to live her life her own way. Castle knows this. He also knows that he’s never going to stop caring and he’s never going to stop trying to keep her safe. As for the case, Beckett wonders if Candace’s father will love his grandchild once he finds out who the father is. Castle is sure that he will. He knows that a father will do anything for his daughter.

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