S5 E14 Reality Star Struck

02/11/13 | PG | CC

Valentine’s Day is on the way! Castle hopes his girlfriend will get him something cool like a light saber autographed by George Lucas. Beckett hopes her boyfriend will get her something that’s not from a Jedi catalogue. Others also have plans for Cupid’s big day. Ryan will be keeping up efforts impregnate his ovulating wife and Esposito is hiding the identity of his mystery date. Before anyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day, another pesky murder needs solving. Good thing everybody loves a mystery!

Hannah Green was one of the stars of the hit reality TV series The Wives of Wall Street. She was a victim of backstabbing, literally, after being found with a pricey chef’s knife protruding from her body. The reality show’s producer, Peter Monroe, is sad to hear about Hannah’s death. The girl was ratings gold. He says the victim was Wall Street Wife Penelope’s assistant. She was brought in to mix things up. Hannah’s family didn’t approve of what she was doing especially after she started having an affair with Penelope’s hubby, Bob. Captain Gates tells the team all about it. She’s a huge fan of the show.

A fingernail found in Hannah’s hair is a match to Penelope’s cuticle. The lady was ticked because the victim wanted her job back after jumping ship to work with another reality wife who lives near the crime scene. Wall Street Wife Margo hired Hannah to run a clothing line with her son, Stone. It’s was also a nice way to get some screen time. Hannah was a no show the day they were supposed to meet about the business. She came to apologize the night she was murdered. As for Margo, she alibis out.

Hannah was receiving big cash payments lately. She also met with a mystery man at a bar and was held hostage before she died. Captain Gates orders the team to check out Wives of Wall Street DVDs for clues on this perplexing case. Castle stays up all night watching the highly-addictive reality drama. In other news, the mystery man Hannah met with was another reality star from a series called “Shark Pool.” She wanted this guy to fund her clothing line, but he wouldn’t do it once he learned she was thinking about leaving her show.


Spoiler alert! Penelope and Bob were never really separated. Beckett channels her best crazed reality show freak out personality to get the latter to admit he had a fake affair with Hannah to get exposure. The story about Margo’s son, Stone, getting married to another Wall Street wife’s daughter, Ashley, was sucking up all of their screen time. Penelope and Bob were paying off Hannah, but the victim got tired of being portrayed as a home-wrecker. The desperate couple tied her up and then called their producer to get them out of the mess. Peter Monroe offered Hannah more money to stay on the show, but he didn’t kill her.

Margo quickly becomes the prime suspect, but she’s not the person who buzzed Hannah up to her apartment the night of the murder. Her son, Stone, met with the victim. That’s because he was in love with Hannah. They kept their affair a secret because there was too much at stake regarding the show and a possible spin-off featuring the woman he was supposed to marry. Stone’s TV love, Ashley, found out about the affair. She’s the one who used a knife she got as a wedding gift to stab Hannah in the back. Case closed.

Castle accidentally slips the breathtaking pair of earrings he bought for Beckett into a jacket belonging to Captain Gates. Castle didn’t sign his name to the romantic note inside, so the married Captain Gates thinks he wants her Valentine. Awkward. In other Valentine’s news, Esposito’s secret date is with the lovely Lanie. As for Beckett, she finally reveals her gift. Castle opens a drawer in her bedroom to find nothing inside. That’s because Beckett cleared it out just for him. It’s his drawer at her place. For Castle, this is even better than a light saber.

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