S5 E24 Watershed

05/13/13 | TV-PG | CC

Beckett is in Washington, DC for a job interview in the Attorney General’s office for a post she learned about in “The Human Factor.” She meets with Anthony Freedman, who is impressed with everything she brings to the table. Back in New York, Castle is trying to decide on a cover art color for his upcoming “Deadly Heat” novel. He opts for magenta. Castle expresses concern about his daughter’s impending trip to Costa Rica. Alexis says she can’t stop living her life because of what happened in Paris in “Target” and “Hunt.” Castle agrees to write a check for the trip right after he solves another pesky murder.

Erika Albrook’s dead body was dumped into the water supply tank of her rundown hotel building. Most folks in the building figured her to be a prostitute. Actually, Erika was an honors student at Harvard. Her parents thought she was off backpacking through Europe. Surveillance footage shows the victim going up to the roof, but she never came back down. Erika led everyone to believe she was a hooker entertaining clients when, in reality, she spent all night working on her laptop. She was a hacker. The computer she was using is missing.

Erika’s friend said the victim was on some kind of mission. All signs point to involvement with a law firm. Erika hacked into their server to access information. She had been meeting with Ian Blaylock, an attorney who had been fired by the firm. The team finds the guy dead in his apartment. Lanie says Ian was actually killed before Erika. Someone posing as Blaylock lured Erika out of hiding. This all may have something to do with Pam Bonner. She was Erika’s friend and an intern at the law firm. Pam was killed in a car accident last summer. Erika doesn’t believe her friend would ever drive drunk as the police report suggested.

Castle believes Erika may have hid the missing laptop. Ryan lets Esposito know that Jenny is pregnant as they conduct a search. It’s great news, as is the fact that they find the missing laptop. Back at the station, Captain Gates receives a call from the Deputy Director of the FBI. She lets Beckett know she gave her the highest of recommendations. With any luck, Erika Albrook’s murder could be her last homicide case. Beckett gives Lanie the 411 on how her life would drastically change if she takes the job. It would mean leaving her current life behind, including Castle.


Castle learns about Beckett’s job interview. He’s upset that she hid this from him. He realizes this could be the end of their relationship. Beckett’s dad says that when she gets scared, she hides in her work. She needs to tell Castle that she really wants the new job. Beckett continues to work the case without her partner. She learns that Pamela was actually the passenger in the car crash that killed her. All signs indicate that Blaylock was helping to cover up for a Colin Rigsdale, man from a political family who is being groomed to be a senator. Beckett can see in his eyes that he’s hiding something.

The team realizes that one of the residents at the hotel has ties to Rigsdale. Beckett gets this guy in the box. She realizes this could be her last interrogation. She uses this to her advantage while questioning her suspect. She lets him know that they have enough to convict him. His best option is to make a deal to turn on Rigsdale. After getting what she wants, Beckett leaves the interrogation room, a place she feels so at home. She gazes around at the desks and the people in the precinct. They were always her home, too.

Castle has a chat with his mother about the situation with Beckett. Martha doesn’t blame her for interviewing for the job since neither of them knows where their relationship is headed. She wonders if her son is holding back because deep down he doesn’t think this thing with Beckett will last. It may end sooner than thought. Beckett gets a call. She got the job. Ryan and Esposito wonder what’s up with their colleague. Beckett promises to tell them soon, but she has to talk to someone else first. She needs to have a heart-to-heart with Castle, who tells Alexis that there comes a point in life where you have to see things as they really are.

Castle and Beckett meet at a park sitting opposite each other on a set of swings. Beckett apologizes for keeping secrets. Castle knows that’s just who she is. He’s been doing a lot of thinking about their relationship. He’s decided he wants more. They both deserve more. That’s why, before even hearing what Beckett has decided, Castle gets down on one knee. He pulls out a diamond ring. Beckett is speechless as Castle asks her to marry him. Unfortunately, we all have to wait for her answer.

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