S6 E15 Smells Like Teen Spirit

02/17/14 | TV-PG | CC

Castle and Beckett disagree on what the musical entertainment should be at their upcoming wedding. He wants a band. She wants a DJ. He thinks their song is “Dancing in the Dark.” She thinks it’s “Witchcraft.” It soon becomes clear that they don’t even have a song. This conundrum gets put on hold thanks to the murder of a student who went to a prep school Castle once attended. Two schoolmates of the teenage girl, Madison Beaumont, witness their friend being murdered in her bedroom. It looks as if she was thrown against the ceiling. Her parents suspect her hulking ex-boyfriend, Riley, is the killer.

Riley tells Castle and Beckett that he’s the one who broke up with Madison. The two friends who saw the attack say the murder may have something to do with something that happened in the cafeteria not too long ago. Castle’s old principal remembers his top problem student of year’s past. He sheds some insight on the cafeteria incident. It involves a black sheep teen named Jorden Gibbs. A cell phone video suggests that she has telekinetic powers that she uses when bullied. Castle is almost giddy when he sees the footage. He believes this is a “real-life Carrie.” He can’t wait to tell his old pal Stephen King.

Jorden bolts from the school when she learns the police are asking questions. She has many books on telekinesis. She’s been hanging around with a boy named Lucas Troy, who is planning the school’s winter ball. Castle recalls that he got expelled just before his prom as they chat with the kid, who wasn’t a fan of the murder victim. Lucas says he chased after Jorden when she bolted from school, but he lost her at the subway station. She was apparently headed to a place called Henderson Diagnostics. When they arrive at the building, they find a man in the center of a crowd. He’s hovering in mid-air.

The levitating doctor explains that what he does is not magic, but the power of a focused mind. He teaches people how to unlock their telekinesis. He says Jorden does not yet know how to control her gift. This is moments before the girl appears behind him. Jorden says Madison was mad when she ran into her in the library. She believes she must have killed Madison because she wished her dead, but she was at a café miles away from the murder scene.

The team discovers that Madison was spending lots of money and staying out all night. She was going to school without ever going home. That’s why Jorden saw her at the library so early one morning. There’s a hollowed-out copy of War and Peace in the stacks that has $2.3 million in German bearer bonds inside. Madison’s father tries to hide his knowledge of this latest lead. Dozens of burglaries occurred during the nights Madison snuck out after dark with all of them occurring at homes of families from the school. She stashed her stolen items in the Tolstoy book.

The German bearer bonds were stolen from a criminal underworld figure known as Xiangzu Chen. He’s represented by Charles Beaumont, who happens to be the murder victim’s father. Madison must have found out about the bonds from her dad. Chen is in the wind after unloading his home quickly. His realtor says her client was chased out of his house by a ghost. He was on a plane to China during the murder. He’s not the killer and the telekinetic event at his place scared him out of the country.

Beckett believes that Madison had a partner in crime. All signs point to it being Lucas Troy. They find the boy with Jorden, who has objects floating around her. Troy is master at special effects. He helped fake the telekinetic event at the cafeteria to protect Jorden. Madison figured out what he did. She blackmailed him into scaring Chen out of his house. He also helped stage the video her friends saw the night she died. It was made weeks before the murder. The only others who know about this were her two friends. They were both her partners in crime, but only one is a killer.

The case is closed, but the winter ball is on. Castle asks Beckett to join him for a dance since they both missed out on prom night when they were kids. The tune that plays is the perfect choice to be their song. Jorden and Lucas also meet up on the dance floor. They share a long hug before swaying to the music as well. With no chaperones anywhere in sight, Beckett orders Castle to kiss her. As you may have already guessed, her dance partner happily obliges.

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