S7 E13 I, Witness

02/02/15 | TV-PG | CC

Castle shines a flashlight through a wooded area at night. A figure emerges from the darkness. THWACK! Castle is knocked unconscious. We jump back 12 hours to see what led to this turn of events. Beckett is looking to work from home. This way she can take a little nap later with her hubby. Castle is up for this. Naps are good. Too bad there’s P.I. case that needs solving.

Eva Whitfield is an old schoolmate of Castle’s who thinks her stockbroker husband, Cole, is cheating on her. Castle snaps some shots of the lecherous stockbroker in compromising positions. He swings by Eva’s place to drop off the photos. Screams are heard. Castle rushes toward the house to see Eva’s lifeless body being dragged across the floor. The killer tosses her in a car. Castle races after them into the woods. TWACK! Castle is knocked unconscious. We’re now back where we started.

When Castle comes to, he calls Beckett, who vouches for him to the detective that caught the case. A trip to the Whitfield place finds Cole home alone. He claims Eva left him after finding out he was having an affair. A scan of the place finds blood residue on the kitchen floor. Cole claims his wife cut her hand. He kicks them out of his house when he realizes they suspect him of hurting his wife.

Beckett has a chat with Cole’s mistress, Taylor. She provides him with an alibi, but may be lying. As for Castle, he spies on Cole, who claims Eva is alive. He says she cleaned him out of $7.4 million. The money was built up after Cole received a huge payday after the suspect death of his first wife, Mallory. A series of revelations lead Castle to believe that Eva may have set up this entire thing. It’s a good theory until her dead body is found in the Hudson River.

Castle is sure that Cole killed his friend. Lanie’s DNA tests seem to prove this. When the police arrive to arrest Cole, they find his dead body hanging from an apparent suicide. Castle doesn’t buy it. He creates a timeline to prove that Cole was murdered. The person who killed him likely also murdered Eva, who may have been double-crossed by her co-conspirator, Cole’s business partner, Scott Galloway, who actually isn’t the killer. However, Beckett may know who is.

Another business colleague, Robert James, admits to staging Eva’s death to frame her husband. He didn’t kill her though. The real murderer is the in-house lawyer for Cole’s company, who was a friend of his first wife, Mallory. She was seeking revenge against him, as she believed he was a killer. This woman wanted justice for one murder and ended up committing two of her own.

Ryan wants to set up Esposito on a blind date. After all, he and Lanie have parted ways…again. He agrees to meet the stunning young lady. Esposito was having a great time until he learned that Ryan and Jenny secretly set him up on a dating site. He’s is ticked until he meets Trixie, a woman Ryan and Jenny rejected. They didn’t want an exotic dancer joining them a weekend couples ski retreat. Well, that plan backfired!

Castle is upset at how he got played by his latest client. He starts questioning his choice to become a private investigator. Beckett doesn’t want him to make any hasty decisions. Perhaps he should sleep on it. Actually, a nap would be better. Naps are good. There’s lots of kissing in the naps these two take.

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