S7 E14 Resurrection

02/09/15 | TV-PG | CC

Castle and Beckett ponder the possibility of having a child together. Too bad another pesky murder pops up to cut the conversation short. A woman, Susan Watts, was strangled and found in an alley dumpster. Her old roommate, Katrina, says she cleaned up her act and recently got a great new job. Lanie believes there’s a connection between this woman and Pam Hodges, the murder victim from Disciple who was made to look exactly like her. The suspect in that case, Dr. Kelly Neiman, has ties to Jerry Tyson, aka “3XK.”

New Start Horizons is an agency that places troubled people in new jobs. Susan Watts was a client. Kelly Neiman is connected to the place as a donor. Castle knows the old case inside out so permission is granted to have him serve as a consultant. It’s a one-shot deal. As for Beckett, she tracks down Neiman, who denies knowing Susan Watts. Video surveillance footage disputes this. Susan Watts is seen leaving Neiman’s office, but the timeframe is off. The video was taken after she died. This mystery woman was picked up by the Triple Killer, Jerry Tyson.

Neiman has ice water in her veins as she’s interrogated. She eventually reveals that the woman who looks like Susan Watts is Amy Barrett. Castle later realizes that Neiman is grooming new victims for 3XK. The truck Tyson was driving belongs to Michael Boudreau. When the police storm the guy’s apartment, they find Jerry Tyson trying to flee. There’s no sign of Michael Boudreau or Amy Barrett though there are indications that the latter was in the apartment.

Tyson claims he doesn’t recognize Castle or Beckett. He admits to a relationship with Amy Barrett but denies knowing anything about Pam Hodges. He also denies being Jerry Tyson. This guy is adamant that he’s Michael Boudreau. He claims he had cosmetic surgery. With all of Tyson’s case files missing, there’s no way to prove that the man they have in custody is really Jerry Tyson. They need to find the real Michael Boudreau.

Beckett tracks down Amy Barrett, who refuses to believe anything she says. Castle pays a visit to Tyson/Boudreau in the holding cell. He tries to get him to crack by recalling a conversation they had about his mother. Gretchen Cutler hasn’t seen her son since he was nine. That’s when he was put into foster care. Gretchen said Jerry Tyson wasn’t her son by blood, but she did keep some of his toys. There’s also a baby tooth which could provide the DNA they need to prove Tyson’s identity.

Kelly Neiman shows up at the police station. She’s waiting for her patient, Mike Boudreau. Beckett gets a call from Amy Barrett. She saw a picture of Susan Watts on the news. The girl was with Mike three days ago. Amy is afraid. Beckett promises to protect her. She heads out to pick her up. As for Castle, he steps into the interrogation room with Tyson/Boudreau. He mentions his chat with Gretchen, who had claimed that nothing she did made him do what he did. Castle doesn’t believe that’s true.

Castle produces a photo of a young Gretchen Cutler. She looked exactly like Susan Watts and Amy Barrett were made to look. Castle knows the man before him is Jerry Tyson. Captain Gates steps in to reveal that the DNA from the tooth was not a match. Mike Boudreau is free to leave. He exits while holding hands with Kelly Neiman.

As Tyson/Boudreau and Neiman are exiting, Castle realizes that the man who called in Susan Watts’ murder, Ed Turner, is an anagram for “returned.” Beckett is in danger. She’s knocked unconscious and dropped in a wheelchair. Castle watches helplessly as Jerry Tyson gives him a wink and Kelly Neiman takes a phone call. The electronically-altered voice on the other end of the line simply says, “It’s done.”


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