S7 E15 Reckoning

02/16/15 | TV-PG | CC

After the harrowing conclusion of “Resurrection,” the search for Beckett is on. Castle and Ryan confront Michael Boudreau/Jerry Tyson. There’s no sign of Beckett in his apartment. Ryan keeps Castle from tearing Boudreau apart. Meanwhile, Esposito’s interrogation of Dr. Kelly Nieman comes up empty as well. Castle rejects Captain Gates’ theory that Mike Boudreau isn’t really Jerry Tyson. He knows this is all a game to the serial killer. Castle gets a call. It’s Beckett. She pleads with him to help her. Then… CLICK!

Beckett’s call is traced to a pay phone. There’s an envelope with Castle’s name on it. Inside is a recording device with the manufactured message heard earlier. Beckett never actually said anything. Castle believes all of this is directed at him. A witness saw an unconscious Beckett being put into a stolen red van.

Castle pays another visit to Boudreau. He beats on him demanding to know where Beckett is. Boudreau continues to deny that he’s Tyson. Castle pulls a gun. He’ll shoot if he doesn’t tell him what he wants to hear. The police break into the apartment. They force Castle to drop his weapon. He’s handcuffed and led away but not before sharing an intense glare with the man he believes has taken his wife.

Castle is booked on assault charges. Captain Gates has a heart-to-heart with him. She knows this killer got inside his head. That can’t happen. Castle needs to figure out Boudreau’s story. That’s how they’ll find Beckett. As for Boudreau, he bolts down the subway tracks. Kelly Nieman is gone, too. Boudreau/Tyson calls Castle. He’s taunting him. The call is traced. It’s coming from inside Castle’s house. When the police arrive, Martha and Alexis are startled, but safe.

Ryan still feels the guilt of letting Tyson get the upper hand on him that night at the hotel. Castle assures him that none of this is his fault. There’s a lead on the red van. It’s found at an industrial park. Beckett is spotted in on the third floor of a building. Police storm in. Beckett screams that it’s a trap. BANG! BANG! BANG! Beckett is shot. A distraught Castle rushes to her. In his anguish, he pulls off a wig. It’s not Beckett. The dead girl is a drug addict from the streets. Castle knows Beckett is still alive because Tyson isn’t done with him yet.

Beckett is, indeed, alive and in restraints while being held captive by Kelly Nieman, who is preparing to alter her face. Elsewhere, Castle pays a visit to the man who shared a cell with Jerry Tyson. He needs his help. He offers him revenge for the man who put him in prison again. Castle learns that Tyson had a place in the woods. He’s going after him. When he arrives at the secluded house, he finds and captures Amy Barrett.

Castle makes his way into the quiet house. He sneaks up the stairs. He finds a monitor with a live stream broadcasting Beckett as she struggles to free herself from her restraints. She’s not at the house, but Jerry Tyson is. ZAP! Tyson immobilizes Castle with a stun gun. He coordinates his plan with Nieman. Castle lets Tyson know that he knows the killer needed to prove that he was smarter than him. So he let him do just that. Castle lets Esposito know that he’s clear to take the shot. THWAP! A bullet rips through the window. A stunned Jerry Tyson is hit. He crumbles to the floor. Dead. Finally dead.

Neiman realizes that something is wrong. Tyson should have called by now. She’s ready to make an escape, but not before cutting Beckett’s face. That’s not going to happen. Beckett breaks free from her restraints. She grabs hold of Nieman’s scalpel-clutching hand. The police storm the premises. When they arrive, they find Beckett standing over Nieman’s body which is resting in a pool of blood. Castle moves to his wife. He holds her close.

Castle and Beckett return to the precinct to be welcomed with warm applause from their colleagues. Captain Gates is happy to have her detective back. She thanks Castle for his reckless plan. She also lets him know that he’s been ordered to do a thousand hours of community service for his assault charge. He can do it as a consultant for the NYPD at the 12th precinct. He can do it as Beckett’s partner once more. More applause, and a big hug for Captain Gates. Back at home, Beckett thanks Castle for coming to get her. He responds, “Always.”

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