S7 E02 Montreal

10/06/14 | TV-PG | CC

Castle goes on Good Morning America to offer a $250,000 reward for information on what happened to him during his disappearance. Captain Gates isn’t thrilled that he gave out the precinct’s phone number to every amateur sleuth in the city. Until there’s a viable lead, Castle is more than willing to get back to work on a mystery he may actually be able to solve. Thankfully, there’s been a murder!

The CEO of a major toy company, Wallis Williger, is found dead in the river. His body was wrapped in plastic. The victim’s wife said her husband had been having a hard time after their dog died. The V.P. of the company, Marsha Stoller, says her boss had been leaving early several days each week. Williger’s assistant, Matt Monroe, said he was pretty secretive regarding his whereabouts. Someone scrubbed the victim’s hands and face with an industrial cleaner after he was already dead. He also had a receipt from a coffee shop in his wallet.

Beckett confides in Lanie that she’s choosing to trust Castle in light of all of the evidence. The two of them are acting as if everything is normal. It’s not. Abnormal is certainly the case with Martha, who has a date with a man she picked up at a grief counseling session. She needs to keep the news of Castle’s return a secret to keep the relationship alive through their mutual loss grief. Castle is trying to process all this when his private phone rings. On the other end of the line is a man who claims he knows the truth behind his disappearance.

Beckett waits in the car while Castle meets with the mystery caller. The man claims he was with him during his ordeal. They were on an attack ship on the dark side of the moon. Yes, the ship he speaks of is a spaceship. Attack from these alien forces is imminent. Castle realizes his mystery caller is bats. However, a recently-married couple may have an actual lead. They have a photo that caught Castle in the background talking to a strange man. It’s the man Beckett saw at the trailer in “Driven.” The picture was shot in Montreal.

Castle wants to head north of the border to see if the key that was sewn into his pants is for a safety deposit box inside the bank seen in the photo. Beckett can’t leave. She’s in the middle of a case. Alexis pinch hits as his partner in crime-solving. He gets a safety deposit box from the bank manager who claims he doesn’t recognize him.

Castle opens up Box 38. It’s filled with letters in Castle’s handwriting addressed to Beckett, Alexis and Martha. There are memory cards in the envelopes. They contain videos of Castle saying that he loves each of them. He has no idea what any of this means. A computer search reveals the address of a building in Montreal. Castle is about to call Beckett with this news, but opts to handle things on his own.

Wallis Williger had a secret cell phone that he used to call a woman named Natalie Mendoza. He refused to have a veterinarian let anyone know that his dog had been poisoned. A visit to Natalie Mendoza’s house finds the woman in bed with what looks to be a slashed throat. She’s fine though. Turns out she’s a makeup artist who was just taking a nap. Wallis Williger hired her to apply makeup so he can look like an old man. He changed his appearance in an apartment he rented three weeks ago. He was keeping a dog at the place.

Beckett and Ryan learn that the person who runs a Williger Toys warehouse hired the older-looking Wallis as a janitor. He was doing some undercover boss work. He had been rifling through some old manifests. The dog Williger was keeping has been trained to sniff out drugs. The warehouse manager swears he didn’t kill Williger when heroin is found in a recent shipment of dolls that came in from China. The warehouse was part of an overseas smuggling operation run by Williger’s assistant, Matt. Case closed.

Castle arrives in Montreal. He enters the building that matches the address. The man from the Massachusetts trailer is there holding a gun on him. He says that Castle had them go to great lengths to make sure he didn’t remember anything. He even reveals knowledge of an incident that took place in Hollander Woods when Castle was 11. Castle never told anyone about this, but he told the gunman so that he’d have proof that he isn’t lying. It seems some mysteries aren’t meant to be solved.

Castle heads back to New York. He wonders what he could have done that he’d want to forget. He wonders if he can live without knowing the truth. Maybe he asked to forget so that he could come home to Beckett. He wants to marry her ASAP. Beckett thinks they need to find some solid ground first. She promises she isn’t going anywhere. They’ll revisit things in a month. Castle agrees to this, but the look on his face suggests he won’t ever be able to find that solid ground until he finds the truth.

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