S7 E19 Habeas Corpse

03/30/15 | TV-PG | CC

As Alexis heads off to take a midterm, Castle questions Beckett on her choice to not pursue a career as a lawyer. He thinks she would make a fine Chief Justice. After all, she looks great in a robe. These two are about to retire to their own personal chambers for a frisky 10-minute recess when another one of those pesky New York City murders pops up.

Personal injury attorney Richie “The Pitbull” Falco was clubbed to death in an alley. Lanie says he was tortured before he died. The victim was seen having a heated exchange with an ex-NFL running back named Derek “Lightning” Bolt. True to his name, Bolt bolts when confronted by the police. He explains that he and The Pitbull were actually working together. Bolt dropped Richie off at a diner and alibis out for the murder.

Richie’s ex-wife, Elise, says her former hubby was a high-powered corporate attorney before he self-destructed. The victim’s office is ransacked. His computer is stolen. Richie had an argument with Archie Bronstein, aka The Savannah Hammer, at the diner where Lightning Bolt dropped him. These two were dueling personal injury lawyers. The Hammer says Richie was into some bad things. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for a price.

The tools used in abductions are found in Richie’s office. A chloroform-soaked rag suggests the victim recently knocked someone out. A private investigator named Mike Sampson says Richie had questions about alarm schematics. He also inquired about the best way to get rid of a body. Castle and Beckett follow a lead into the woods where they find a freshly-dug grave. They pull out a body bag. Too bad a masked gunman is there to swipe it and make a clean getaway.

Mike Sampson is zeroed in as the prime suspect. He’s found with a body bag in his car. There’s a plastic dummy inside. It has the same injuries that hurt a woman the Pitbull visited in the hospital. Richie was onto a cover up being perpetrated by a company called Modesto Motors. He worked for them when he was in corporate law. Richie’s ex-wife is now lead counsel for Modesto. Elise points them to the Savannah Hammer, who is the real killer. The guy was looking to cash in on all the injuries. Case closed.

The Policemen’s Benevolent Fundraiser is coming up. Ryan and Esposito are hard-pressed to top the Dirty Dancing-themed routine they did last year fittingly titled “Crime of Our Lives.” Nobody puts Espo in a corner. After Jimmy Kimmel cancels, Castle is asked to participate in the event. He enlists Beckett as his partner for a showcase that will dethrone those dirty dancing detectives. Game on!

Esposito claims to have sprained his ankle. This was just a ruse to sucker Castle into a bigger bet regarding their upcoming competition. Espo’s leg looks just fine as he rehearses with Ryan in an interrogation room to Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. You’d think a pair of New York’s finest would realize anyone could look in on them via that one-way glass.

Beckett can’t find a way to tell Castle she has stage fright. Fortunately, Jimmy Kimmel clears his schedule. Castle and Beckett are out. Espo and Ryan win the day. As for Beckett’s stage fright, Castle made a call to his old pal Jimmy Kimmel once he found out about his wife’s nerves. It looks like they’ll have to settle for continuing to do their duets in the shower within the privacy of their own home.

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