S7 E20 Sleeper

04/20/15 | TV-PG | CC

Castle has been having some unsettling dreams about what happened back when he went missing for two months. Beckett recommends that he see the therapist who helped her in the past. Castle recounts to Dr. Burke all that he remembers including how a man named Jenkins told him that it was by his request that he forget all that happened to him.

Dr. Burke suggests hypnosis to help interpret the dreams. While in a relaxed state, Castle sees a cheap-looking trophy falling through the sky. A man on the floor has been shot. Castle, in camouflage paint, tries to help him. They are being shot at in the jungle. A blonde man is leading the charge. Fortunately, Chuck Norris drops by to help out. Well, a man who looks like Chuck Norris. Castle also saw a license plate that suggests he was in Thailand.

Castle stays up all night trying to piece together his Thailand mystery. The trophy he saw falling from the sky is one he won back in prep school. He got it when he tied former classmate Phil Bartlett, who happens to be the man who says hello to him in his dream. Castle contacts his old high school pal. Phil Bartlett has no idea what Castle is talking about regarding his Thailand concerns.

Castle’s obsession with finding the truth concerns Martha. Beckett promises to keep an eye on him. As it turns out, Jeff Powers is the guy who looks like Chuck Norris in Castle’s dream. He’s found dead from a gunshot wound to the head. The victim was at a strip club before he was killed. An old army buddy came there looking for him. Powers was tortured before he was shot.

Castle recalls a ringing in his ears when he glanced at a local news report on taxes. The blonde man who was chasing him in Thailand is now in New York. Alexis questions her dad about what went on when he was missing. She lets him know that he would never do anything bad.

Ilya Golovkin is identified as the prime suspect in the murder of Jeff Powers. The guy is former KGB agent who became a private killer for hire. Castle believes Golovkin may be linked to Jenkins. The stripper that used to dance for Jeff Powers is found dead. A short time later, Castle tracks down the man who got shot in his dream. He’s an exchange student from his old prep school. The two of them used to be friends. This guy went on to become a member of Al-Qaeda.

Castle’s old prep school pal defected and looked to trade info to the CIA in exchange for a fresh start. His contact was killed before he could do anything. There was no one he could trust except for his old school chum, Rick Castle. Moments after these two part ways, Golovkin draws a gun on Castle. THWAP! Jenkins shoots Golovkin dead. Castle learns that he was used to get close to his old friend to stop a major terrorist attack. He missed his wedding day, but ended up saving countless lives. Castle still doesn’t know everything, but he now knows enough.

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