S6 E23 Castle Season 6 Finale: For Better or Worse

05/12/14 | TV-PG | CC

The wedding guest list comes in at just under 300. The number of copies of Wild Storm Castle must sign before his big day comes in at 500. He must also sign one more thing—the final payment for the rooftop venue chosen for the wedding. Everything is falling into place with about 72 hours before the big day. Castle’s divorce paperwork is in order during the application for a marriage license. Unfortunately, Beckett’s isn’t.

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It seems that Beckett is still married to one Rogan O’Leary. It happened during a drunken trip to Vegas that included a cruise into the Drive-Thru of Love. Sounds like a nice place. Beckett needs to terminate her first marriage before she gets hitched to Castle. They just need her husband, who happens to have a substantial criminal past, to agree to a divorce. Beckett is off to a place called Willow Creek to make this happen.

Rogan instantly recognizes the lady he affectionately calls Kit-Kat as she witnesses his current scorned lover socking him in the eye. Ouch! Rogan refuses to sign the dissolution of marriage papers until Beckett breaks into his ex-girlfriend’s truck to get her garage door opener. He wants to get some of his stuff back. If Beckett doesn’t do this, Rogan could drag things out for years. Beckett snags the remote and returns to Rogan’s place. Too bad he’s kidnapped right before her eyes by two masked men.

The local cops know all about Rogan O’Leary. They won’t expend resources on him. Castle says he’s coming to help moments before learning that the wedding venue has become unavailable. They’ll have to move the entire wedding to his place in the Hamptons. As for the situation in Willow Creek, Castle and Beckett question Rogan’s ex. They learn that Beckett’s hubby has been telling people his loving wife has been in a coma for 15 years. The reason he needed Beckett’s help with the break-in is because he was looking for a laptop.

Castle and Beckett return to Rogan’s place where they are welcomed by a group of armed bikers. These guys are looking for money for services rendered. They were hired to steal the phone of a stripper named Sapphire. Rogan owes them $5,000. Castle buys 12 hours of time by paying the bitter biker boys $500. He and Beckett then confront Sapphire who denies knowing Rogan. The hits just keep on coming when Lanie calls to let Beckett know that her wedding dress has been ruined by a burst pipe. The beautiful gown is DOA.

Castle assures Beckett that as bleak as things seem, theirs is still a great love story. And what’s a great love story without obstacles to overcome? As for the situation with Rogan, they learn that the reason he wanted the stripper’s phone is because there’s an image of a local pastor on it getting a lap dance. It was all part of a blackmail scam. The pastor has been paying Sapphire for months. Rogan got involved to say he’d make the pictures go away forever for $25,000 but he never showed at the proposed exchange.

Beckett realizes Sapphire has a motive to kidnap Rogan. He was cutting off her income stream. They find the truck that was used in the abduction is parked outside the place of stripper’s boyfriend, Jimmy Lutz. Armed men are also on the premises. Castle and Beckett find Rogan tied up in the barn. They can all get out of there as soon as he signs the papers. Rogan wants to be led to safety first. None of this is about his blackmail scheme with the pastor. There’s another photo on the phone that’s wanted by Jimmy Lutz, whose real name is Mickey Barbossa. The guy happens to be a mob hit man who disappeared a decade ago.

Castle, Beckett and Rogan are captured while trying to make their escape. They are tied up in the barn with the big wedding day now less than 24 hours away. Rogan says everything he did was to protect his ex, Tildy. Mickey Barbossa threatens to kill Beckett unless he gets the photos. Castle declares that he knows where they are. They are all off to Rogan’s apartment where the biker gang is waiting. Castle and Beckett let them know that there’s $100,000 reward for the capture of the missing mob man. That’s a whole lot more than the five grand Rogan owes them.

Rogan finally signs the papers. He and Beckett are officially divorced. Rogan lets Tildy know that his coma wife has died. She left him some money, which is actually the payoff cash from the pastor, to help save her bar. With everything wrapped up in Willow Creek, Castle and Beckett are off to the Hamptons where a beautiful replacement wedding address awaits. Beckett’s dad found it. It belonged to her mother. Nice.

Martha gives Beckett a pair of very special earrings so that the bride will have something blue. Castle calls in to say he’s 20 minutes away. He’ll be there soon. He loves her. Once he hangs up the call, Castle notices that a car with tinted windows is following him. He becomes extremely nervous as the vehicle pulls beside him. Back at the wedding venue, Beckett is nervous as well. Castle is over an hour late. His phone is going straight to voicemail. Beckett gets an incoming call. She rushes to an accident scene down the road. She’s devastated to see Castle’s car crashed into a ditch. The vehicle is engulfed in flames.

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