Castle Videos: Can You Guess the Top Scenes from Season 7 (so far)?

By Alexis Johnson | Dec 5th, 2014

Alright Castle fans, think you know which scenes were watched and shared on ABC.com the most from Season 7 so far? The results may surprise you! We have the top 7 videos revealed right here.  

1. Official Raging Heat Webmercial. Richard Castle introduces his new spine-tingling, bone-chilling thriller.


2. Kate Watches Castle’s Goodbye Video. I've always loved you. Always.


3. Castle and Beckett’s Wedding Ceremony. Mrs. Castle, may I have this dance?


4. Castle’s Alive. Kate never thought she'd see him again.


5. How Did Beckett Survive. We can't just... pick where we left off, can we?


6. Castle Takes a Bullet for Beckett. Mr. Castle, you saved my life! Why?


7. The Scary, Nerdy, Sexy Bedroom Scene. And you thought Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp was a waste of time.

Did your favorites make the list? Were you surprised by any of the results? Share your thoughts and favorite Season 7 moment (so far!) with us on Twitter»

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