S3 E02 Tichina Arnold/Kelly Packard

04/29/14 | TV-PG | CC

Actress Tichina Arnold (Martin) lives in New York City with her husband, St. John’s University Assistant Basketball Coach, Rico, and their daughter Alijah (9). Walking in her mother’s high heeled footsteps, Alijah is an aspiring entertainer who always likes to be the center of attention. Though Tichina strives to fulfill her daughter’s wishes for stardom, Tichina and Rico have a laid back parenting approach in which they allow Alijah to decide what time she wants to go to bed and do not have a set list of chores or domestic responsibilities for her. Tichina and Rico like to end the day with a glass of wine and TV while they relax and enjoy some personal time pursing their own interests.  


Actress Kelly Packard is best known for her role on the ‘90’s television series Baywatch.  Today, Kelly lives in Newhall, CA with her husband, ER Trauma Doctor, Darrin, and their four children: Aubrey (10), Dalin (8), Halle (4) and Delaney 20 months old. The family is Mormon and abstains from alcohol, tobacco products, and even caffeine. Kelly and her family live a quiet life outside of Los Angeles where they are raising three chickens, two goats, three fish, two cats as well as bearded dragons lizards. Kelly’s daily schedule centers around her kids with all of the household responsibilities falling on her shoulders. From getting the kids up and out the door for school, and caring for the animals, to the cooking and cleaning, Kelly rarely has a free moment for herself.


When it’s time for the swap, Tichina is not at all prepared for what’s in store in Newhall. Born and raised in NYC, country living doesn’t exactly agree with her– including having to now care for all of the family’s animals, especially when one of Dalin’s lizards decides to get up close and personal.  Missing her wine and relaxing evenings, Tichina is now cooking, cleaning and running a household of six. 


Back in New York City, Kelly finds the city cramped and exhausting, especially keeping up with Alijah’s busy schedule of auditions, dance classes and everything in between. 


When it’s time for rules change, Tichina gets the family to go out and do some activities together while having Darrin take more of an interest in spending time at home helping Kelly with the kids. At the Arnold house, Kelly brings some additional structure to the family schedule and plans to do activities together as a family with Rico and Alijah. 

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