S3 E07 David Justice/Dweezil Zappa

06/03/14 | TV-PG | CC

David Justice is a former Major League Baseball star who spent 14 years playing for both the Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees. Today, David lives in San Diego, CA with his wife Rebecca, their three children: David Jr. (14), D.J. (11), Raquel (9) and Rebecca’s parents. The family lives a very comfortable life on a sprawling 14,000 sq. ft. estate and employs both a housekeeper and groundskeeper to keep the household running efficiently. The kids do not have chores or responsibilities and spend much of their time playing sports. David is the “king of the castle” where Rebecca serves him breakfast in bed each morning. 

Dweezil Zappa lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife Megan and stepdaughter Mia (11).  Dweezil is the son of music legend Frank Zappa and began his music career as a VJ on MTV in the 1980’s. He currently tours as a professional musician with Zappa Plays Zappa. Dweezil and his family live a very “eco-friendly” lifestyle which includes walking rather than driving their car. The Zappas consciously conserve electricity and refrain from using the family dryer when doing laundry, opting to rather dry clothes outside in the backyard. The Zappa home is a “cell free zone” giving the family more of a chance to interact and talk with each other, but Mia really wishes she had a cell, being the only one of her pre-teen friends without one!

When it’s time for the swap, Rebecca arrives in Los Angeles and is surprised to see the modest size home she will be staying in. Entering the “no cell phone zone,” Rebecca trades in her phone for her walking shoes when she learns they will not be driving to the grocery store to purchase ingredients for the evening meal. When it’s time for Rebecca to do things her way, she decides it’s time for Mia to have her own cell phone, a rule that Dweezil is not all too happy about. Rebecca also decides to bring some of her own personal style into the Zappa home and leaves a lasting reminder of her time there.

Back in San Diego, Megan is uncomfortable with the lavish lifestyle of David and his family.  With numerous cars and material items, Megan is determined to show this family simplicity can be just as enjoyable. So when it’s time for rules change, Megan closes off a portion of the expansive house forcing the Justice family to conserve energy and live in closer quarters, together. The kids also have to give up their cell phones and start helping out at home. Megan also gives David the task of cooking breakfast for the family, but not everyone is sure he will hit a homerun.  

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