S3 E09 Judy Gold/Penn Jillette

07/01/14 | TV-PG | CC

Comedian Judy Gold lives in New York City with her fiancée Elysa and two sons Henry (17) and Ben (12). The family lives in a cramped Manhattan apartment where they keep an open door policy with many of the boys’ friends stopping by despite the fact Judy utilizes part of the living room as her home office, making it difficult for her to focus on the work she needs to do. Judy, Elysa and the kids like to stay active and make it a point to ride bikes and play competitive sports together. Judy and her family are Jewish, and religion plays an important role in their lives, including observing Shabbat on Friday evenings.  


Magician Penn Jillette is one-half of the famed stage duo Penn and Teller. He lives in Las Vegas, NV with his wife Emily and their two children Zolten (8) and Moxie (7). The family resides on a secluded and expansive piece of land in the Nevada desert that they’ve named “The Slammer.” Due to Penn’s late night work schedule, Emily usually takes the lead in evening activities and bedtime with the kids, although the family makes a point to eat dinner together every night. Zolten and Moxie don’t like to participate in sports and prefer to spend time inside doing educational activities. Penn and his wife are atheists and do not expose their children to any form of organized religion.


On the first night of the swap, Elysa is surprised to see how helpful Zolten and Moxie are around the house when they join her in the kitchen to make dinner. But Elysa is also surprised to experience Penn’s irreverent attitude when Elysa tries to talk about her family’s religious traditions. 


Back in New York City, Emily feels that Judy’s kids need to be more helpful and respectful when it comes to their mom as she observes Judy continuously carrying all of the household responsibilities on her shoulders.   


When it’s time for the rules change, both Elysa and Emily are ready to make some changes. At the Jillette home, Elysa wants to get the kids outdoors and gives Penn the job of teaching them how to ride two wheel bikes. Elysa also decides to make an authentic Shabbat dinner for the family, but leaves dinner hurt and frustrated when things don’t go as planned.  


Back in New York City, Emily is determined to bring some structure and responsibility to Judy’s apartment and gets the kids to start helping out at home. Emily also wants to give Judy a space of her own to work without being distracted and surprises her with a transformative gift that leaves Judy speechless and elated.

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