S3 E10 Joe Piscopo/Barry Williams

07/08/14 | TV-PG | CC

Joe Piscopo is a comedian best known for his legendary impersonations while a cast member of the long-running television series “Saturday Night Live.” Joe resides right outside New York City with two of his children, Michael (11) and Olivia (9). Joe’s personal assistant Jessica – also referred to as SSO (sometimes significant other) – is responsible for the running of Joe’s household, including grocery shopping, cooking, returning messages and organizing Joe’s schedule. Joe’s two children rule the house with no chores or structure. When it comes to Joe’s relationship with Jessica, there are definitely some blurred lines between personal and professional.  


Barry Williams is a familiar face to generations of television viewers for playing the role of Greg Brady on the iconic television series, The Brady Bunch. Today, Greg lives in Branson, MO where he performs in “The ‘70’s Music Celebration.” Barry has one son, Brandon (11), who lives part time with him. Barry’s right-hand woman is Marie who oversees the running of Barry’s stage performance each and every evening. From the wardrobe and props to music and choreography, Marie is on top of it all, but her job duties end there. Marie does not help Barry at home nor does she get involved in his personal life. Brandon is a big help at home and likes to help cook dinner and spend time with his dad at his show. Barry and Brandon are very patriotic and recite The Pledge of Allegiance prior to dinner.    


When it’s time for the swap, Jessica arrives in Branson and is surprised to see that she will be living in an apartment, unlike Joe’s expansive home in New Jersey. Jessica is immediately thrown into Barry’s show, but tensions flare when Jessica arrives 20 minutes late to rehearsal bringing Barry the wrong guitar stand for his evening performance. Clearly frustrated, Barry and Jessica get off on the wrong foot unsure how the swap is going to unfold.


Back in New Jersey, Marie has a hard time understanding Jessica’s role in Joe’s life and feels that they need to keep the personal and professional aspects of their lives separate.


When it’s time for the rules change, both women are ready to make changes. Marie feels strongly that Joe needs to get out and meet someone whom he can have a relationship with and helps him build an online dating profile. Back in Branson, Jessica wants Brandon to have more “kid time” and arranges for an afternoon for Brandon and his friends to go cart race. But when the two women and their bosses come face-to-face at the round table, tensions flare between one couple when things take an unexpected turn resulting in a shocking and unpredictable moment that changes one couple’s relationship for good.

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