S3 E11 Jenna von Oy / Jill Zarin

07/15/14 | PG | CC

Actress Jenna von Oy is best known for her role on the family comedy Blossom. Jenna lives in Nashville, TN with her husband Brad and daughter Gray (2), where they live a quiet life removed from the spotlight. Expecting their second daughter, Brad and Jenna are hands-on parents who do everything together, including all of the household chores like mowing the lawn, cooking, cleaning and childcare.  Jenna and Brad enjoy spending time at home and rarely go out, and always bring their daughter with them wherever they go.


Jill Zarin is an original cast member of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City. Zarin lives in the lap of luxury with her husband Bobby, daughter Ally, and dog Ginger in The Hamptons.  Her summer home is a five bedroom home with a spa, sauna, pool and sprawling views of the ocean.  Zarin employs a staff that handles all of the cooking, cleaning and home maintenance needs. Jill also has a team of hair and make-up artists, manicurists and spray tan technicians who keep her looking fabulous. The Zarin family loves to entertain and hosts numerous dinner parties and events throughout the summer. They enjoy spoiling the ones they love, and Bobby routinely treats Jill to shopping sprees and evenings out on the town.   


When it’s time for the swap, Jenna is blown away by the sheer glamour of Jill’s home. When Jenna meets Bobby, he informs her there is a party in her honor that evening. Uncomfortable being the center of attention, Jenna learns she will be in charge of hosting the party and gets the staff ready for the evening. Catered by famed New York City chef David Burke, Jenna’s glamorous Hamptons evening comes complete with thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of jewelry on loan for the evening.  Not sure what is to unfold, Jenna meets Jill and Bobby’s family and friends for a long, over the top evening of cocktails and socializing in The Hamptons.


Back in Nashville, Jill arrives in Jenna’s home and is shocked at its modest size. Not sure what to expect, Jill meets Brad and Gray and is tasked with cooking dinner for the family. Following Jenna’s recipe, Jill gives it her best shot and creates a whole fish with lemon and prosciutto. Jill, who is not used to cooking or cleaning at all, is quite proud of herself and gears up for a week of taking care of Gray and the household.


When it’s time for the rules to change, Jenna definitely wants to curb Jill and Bobby’s spending and plans for more family time. Meanwhile, Jill wants to spoil Brad and Gray and treats them to a day of pampering. Jill also takes Gray out for a shopping spree at a local toy store.

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