S4 E01 Jackee Harry/Traci Lords

05/20/15 | TV-PG | CC

Emmy-Award Winning actress Jackee Harry, best known for roles on the hit comedy “227” and “Sister, Sister,” lives in Los Angeles, CA with her ex-husband Elgin Charles. Even though the couple is divorced, they still share a home and life in which Jackee and Elgin enjoy the finer things, frequently going out for drinks, dinner and dancing with friends late into the evening.

Traci Lords is a pop icon who lives in Redondo Beach, CA with her husband Jeff and young son Gunnar. Traci and her husband are very traditional in that Traci is responsible for the running of the house, including the cooking and cleaning. They don’t own a TV and like to spend quiet evenings at home together where Gunnar puts his imagination to work building things out of the family’s recyclables.

When it’s time for the swap, both Jackee and Traci are taken out of their comfort zones with Jackee taxed with cooking dinner and baking cupcakes for a birthday party at Gunnar’s school, while Traci spends a night on the town with Elgin meeting some of Jackee’s friends.

When it’s time for the rules to change, Jackee and Traci are both ready to shake things up and get their new families out of their usual routine. 

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