S4 E07 Margaret Cho/Holly Robinson-Peete

07/01/15 | TV-PG | CC

When it’s time for the swap, both Margaret and Holly meet their new families and know they are in for an adventure. For Margaret, dealing with schedules and sports are two areas far from her expertise. She also feels that Rodney and Holly need to find the romance in their relationship, so she takes Rodney in handcuffs to a naughty dungeon where he must act out fantasy scenarios with Margaret under the watchful eye of a former porn star and sex expert. Meanwhile, Holly tries to ease in to Selene and Moni’s wine-filled ways and is surprised to find out that she will be filling in for Margaret at a local comedy club. Holly is taken back even further when Margaret’s family takes her to a local Asian food market and cooks her a dinner she will never forget. In the end, both women learn something new about themselves, and help bring a new perspective to their new families.

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