Franklin 'Frankie' Cruz

Played by Manny Montana
Character Biography

The CIU's forensic expert, Frankie is also an ex-con. He uses his book and street smarts to solve complex science based mysteries, as well as shed a light on the difficult lives their clients suffer behind bars. During his own incarceration, Frankie coped by studying the ins and outs of forensic science. He also developed a romantic relationship with his cellmate. This profound and meaningful connection will complicate Frankie's life.

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Actor Biography

Manny Montana is best known to television audiences for his role as Joe "Johnny" Tuturro in the USA Networks' highly rated gritty drama "Graceland."

A native of Long Beach, California, where pick-up football and basketball games fill the streets and parks, Montana found his first love – football. His discipline and love for the game earned him a scholarship to California State University Sacramento. While at school, he was faced with multiple injuries, and thus never fulfilled his dream of playing football throughout his college career. Heartbroken, he returned home and was accepted to California State University Long Beach with a major in broadcast journalism. An internship at the now defunct hip hop station 100.3 "The Beat" led to an on-air opportunity for him. While there, he was exposed to many different facets of the entertainment industry, and, shortly after he left the station, he began seeking out acting opportunities in student films.

Montana's passion for acting was solidified when he was cast in a short film called "El Primo," which proved to be successful on the festival circuit. "El Primo" went on to win the award for Best American-Latino Short from the Downtown Film Festival in Los Angeles and was honored as one of the Best of Fest during the Outfest Film Festival in Los Angeles. His film career took off, and, to date, his film credits include John Sayles' "Go For Sisters," "Sanctuary," "Atonal," "Detached," "Road to Moloch," "30 Is The New 12," "The Ghost of Crenshaw" and "Cyber," alongside an all-star cast, including Chris Hemsworth and Viola Davis. His upcoming film projects include roles in "I Hate the Man in My Basement" and "Undrafted." Both are in the pipeline and pending release dates.

Along with his growing film career, Montana has appeared on a number of popular television series, including "CSI: NY," "The Chicago Code," "Breakout Kings," "Lie to Me," "Cold Case," "Raising the Bar," "Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles," "Eleventh Hour" and "ER."

When not acting, Montana coaches peewee football and gives back to his community by volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House of Long Beach and the local Children's Hospital. He strives to be a positive example to those that come from the neighborhood where he grew up and plans to give back to his community as often as possible.

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