S13 E01 Performance Show: Week One

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Performance Show – Week 1

It’s a brand new season of Dancing with all new stars, a few new pros and a truly rockin’ new ballroom set. So, let’s get this dance party started!

Ron & Peta

NBA champ Ron Artest is the first to hit the dance floor. His hair is almost as blonde as his partner, Peta’s. The pair seems to be moving in slow motion during their Cha Cha. Len thought the footwork was atrocious. Bruno says Ron has power and presence but needs to work on technique. Carrie Ann thought the fun factor was way up there, but the technique is still a mess. 5-4-5 for a total of 14 from the judges isn’t the best way to kick off the night.

Rob & Cheryl

There are several Kardashians in the house, but Rob’s the only one hitting the dance floor with partner Cheryl Burke for the Viennese Waltz. Bruno thought Rob danced in fear and with absolutely no musicality. Carrie Ann disagrees. The dance was a bit rigid but she sees potential. Len is not impressed but he’s also not depressed. He feels Rob was a bit too careful throughout. The guy just needs to let loose. 6-5-5 from the judges for 16 is only slightly better the hoops star who preceded him.

Kristin & Mark

Reality star Kristin Cavallari does the Cha Cha with her partner Mark Ballas. She actually keeps up fairly well with her always fast-moving partner. Carrie Ann thinks this girl may be one to watch. Len thought the dance was lively but Kristin lost some of the attitude she had in rehearsal. Bruno loves a bad girl. He thinks Kristin just needs to work on procedure because she already has the hotness. 7-6-6 for a total of 19 continues the upward trend in numbers.

Chynna & Tony

Chynna Phillips is a singer by trade, but she may be a dancer at heart. Len says her Viennese Waltz with Tony was close to being the best first dance he’s ever seen. Bruno loved the musicality but the dancing needs to be cleaned just a little bit more to be truly wonderful. Carrie Ann agrees there were a few nervous moments, but still felt it was magical. She can’t wait for next week. 8-7-7 scores from the judges gives this smooth duo a total of 22.

Nancy & Tristan

Nancy Grace steps out from behind a desk to do the Cha Cha on the dance floor with her partner, Tristan. She’s a lot more sparkly than we’re used to seeing her. Bruno feels she has the moves but she may not yet believe in herself. Carrie Ann thinks she has spunk and sass, but she must remember her choreography. Len thought she was neat and precise but had no attack. 5-5-6 gives them a total of 16. That means she kept up with a Kardashian!

David & Kym

Movie star David Arquette comes from a family of entertainers. Now he’s ready to entertain on the dance floor with his Viennese Waltz with partner and two-time champ Kym Johnson. These two seem to have a nice flow that occurred after David got a little lost in the dance according to Carrie Ann. Len is impressed with the straightforwardness of the dance, but David needs to cover up his mistakes better. Bruno agrees that he got a little too flustered after he got tangled. Trip 6s for a total of 18 isn’t bad for a very first dance.

Elisabetta & Val

Italian beauty Elisabetta Canalis takes to the stage with Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s little brother, Val. The two of them bounce out of bed to do a high-kickin’ Cha Cha. Len didn’t care for the bed on the stage and thought things got a little brittle as the dance went on. Bruno and Carrie Ann feel Elisabetta needs to take command of the situation when she’s out there alone. There’s been a bit of a language barrier between the partners, but they have no problem understanding the trip 5s from the judges for a 15 score probably needs to be better.

Hope & Maks

Maks follows his brother to the stage with his partner, soccer star Hope Solo. This lovely lady kicks into gear immediately with a nice little Viennese Waltz. Bruno believes she needs to get control of her intensity but all of the attributes of a dancer are there. Carrie Ann is impressed at how connected the partners were with each other. Len also liked the dance but wants Hope to get a little more fluid in her movements. Trip 7s gives this athletic team a total of 21.

Carson & Anna

Carson Kressley may be known for his fabulous shoes, but what he does with them on the dance floor is what counts now. He and Anna certainly look like they are having lots of fun during their energetic Cha Cha. Carrie Ann says it was her favorite dance of the night. Len and Bruno agree the dance had high entertainment value. It was also very, very sparkly. 6-5-6 gives them a total 17.

J.R. & Karina

Actor/war vet J.R. Martinez has had over 30 surgeries due to injuries he received during war. The army taught him a lot, but they never trained him for the Viennese Waltz. That’s Karina’s job, and she does it well. The dance was smooth, eloquent and a total crowd-pleaser. Len thought the dance was right up there with the best of the night. Bruno was impressed at how well he did, too. Carrie Ann was touched by the emotional quality of the performance. 8-7-7 for a total of 22 puts them in a tie with Chynna and Tony for the highest score of the night.

Ricki & Derek

Ricki Lake was inspired by Kirstie Alley last season. She hopes her past champ partner Derek Hough will help her get a slammin’ body and a shiny new Mirrorball Trophy. In a night filled with some nice Viennese Waltzes, this team’s dance is right up there, too. Bruno thought it was all very smooth. Carrie Ann is impressed at how they finished each other’s moves. Len is a little critical of the footwork, but overall he enjoyed it very much. 7-6-7 gives this team a solid total of 20.

Chaz & Lacey

Chaz Bono made his TV debut as a toddler on the old Sonny & Cher show. We don’t know what he did back then, but we’re pretty sure he wasn’t asked to do the Cha Cha. Chaz and Lacey do a fun, sassy dance that leaves the crowd cheering. Carrie Ann believes people have been waiting all night to see Chaz and he did not disappoint. Len loved that he totally enjoyed himself. Bruno thought it was a joyous debut. 6-5-6 gives this dynamic duo a total of 17.

Season 13 gets off to a fine start with a truly eclectic crew of dancers. Who will make it through to the end? There’s only one way to find out. Keep watching and, more importantly, keep voting!


Music and Dances for Week One

Ron & Peta Cha Cha Krazy


Rob & Cheryl Viennese Waltz Lake Michigan

Rogue Wave

Kristin & Mark Cha cha Dynamite
Taio Cruz


Chynna & Tony Viennese Waltz If I Ain't Got You
Alicia Keys


Nancy & Tristan Cha Cha Cry Baby
Cee Lo Green


David & Kym Viennese Waltz Somebody to Love


Elisabetta & Val Cha Cha Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
Katy Perry


Hope & Maks Vienesse Waltz Satellite
Dave Matthews Band


Carson & Anna Cha Cha Moves Like Jagger
Maroon 5


J.R. & Karina Viennese Waltz Breakaway
Kelly Clarkson


Ricki & Derek Viennese Waltz This Year's Love
David Gray


Chaz & Lacey Cha Cha Dancing in the Street
David Bowie & Mick Jagger


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