S13 E19 Performance Show: Week Ten

11/21/11 | TV-PG | CC

Performance Show – Week 10

Only three teams remain in the brawl for the Mirror Ball. It's time for the Season 13 finals of Dancing with the Stars. Bring on the Freestyles!

Ricki & Derek
Ricki and Derek are the first to take the stage as they do a slick Cha Cha to Chris Brown's "Yeah 3x." Len thought it was an action-packed performance that could have been a little more fluid. But it was still a fine dance. Bruno thinks Ricki has never been sexier and Carrie Ann thinks she's living the dance. Like Len, they both had minor criticisms but they also both felt Ricki did a fine job. Trip 9s gives Ricki and Derek a total of 27 for this first dance.

Derek literally flips out on stage as he and Ricki kick things into high gear with their Freestyle dance to "Can't Touch It" by Ricki-Lee Coulter. There are lots of lifts, spins and solid dancing throughout. Len thought it was a fun, entertaining number. Bruno thought it was a demanding dance but they did a great job. Carrie Ann was also impressed at how they went from opposite ends of the spectrum using both Quickstep and Salsa moves. Trip 9s gives them another 27 and a total of 54 for the night.

Rob & Cheryl
Rob and Cheryl do an elegant Waltz to "Is It You (I Have Loved)" by Dana Glover. Bruno loved the continuity of lines but saw that Rob messed up some of the footwork on the crossovers from time to time. But he still liked it. Carrie Ann likened Rob to Cinderella making it to the ball against all odds. Len thought the dance got a bit heavy occasionally, but it was a simple dance that was simply beautiful. Trip 9s from the judges gives Rob and Cheryl a total of 27 for their first dance.

Dressed in a black hat and slick suit, Rob lifts and spins Cheryl all over the stage to "Minnie the Moocher" by The Blues Brothers. Bruno thought the concept, execution and the performance were brilliant. Carrie Ann was blown away. Len agrees Rob gave it his all. He should be proud. Three 10s from the judges gives them a perfect 30 for their Freestyle dance and a total of 57 for the night.

J.R. & Karina
J.R. tries to bounce back from the ankle injury he sustained the week before in his Cha Cha with Karina to "Let's Get Loud" by Jennifer Lopez. Carrie Ann says people fall in love with J.R.'s spirit when he dances, but his musicality was off in this dance. Len thought there were a lot of mistakes because J.R.'s enthusiasm got the best of him as he attacked the dance. Bruno felt the character of the dance was spot-on. 8-7-9 from the judges gives them a total of 24 for this first dance.

J.R. and Karina do some serious lifts and flips during their daring, high-energy Freestyle to "Whine Up" by Kat DeLuna. Carrie Ann says the lifts were the "sickest" she's ever seen. And that's a good thing! Len says two things were revealed: Karina's body and J.R.'s talent. Bruno can't contain himself. He thought it was a terrific comeback. Three 10s give them a perfect 30 for their Freestyle dance and a total of 54 for the night.

The stars will dance one more time to round out the judges' scores. Who will be the team to win the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy? We have no idea. But we can't wait to find out!

Music and Dances for Week Ten

Ricki & Derek Cha Cha Yeah 3x
Chris Brown


Rob & Cheryl Waltz It Is You (I Have Loved)
Dana Glover


J.R. & Karina Cha Cha Let's Get Loud
Jennifer Lopez


Ricki & Derek Freestyle Can't Touch It
Ricki-Lee Coulter


Rob & Cheryl Freestyle Minnie the Moocher
The Blues Brothers


J.R. & Karina Freestyle Whine Up
Kat DeLuna


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