S22 E06 Week 6: Famous Dances

04/25/16 | TV-PG | CC

The remaining Dancing with the Stars cast tackled routines paying tribute to popular movies and famous music videos on “Famous Dances Night” in Week 6 of Season 22. Everyone was back with their original partner after the challenge of mixing things up in the “Switch-Up Challenge.” Nobody was eliminated during that particular event, but someone did have to go home this time around. Which team came out on top and who had to bid adieu to the ballroom? Let’s find out right here, right now!

Kim Fields & Sasha Farber did the Jive to “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray. Kim had some pain during rehearsals. She tried to hide it from Sasha, but he eventually found out. Kim urged him to continue to push her and it paid off. The lively routine brought the crowd to its feet. Len felt it was a terrific opening to the show. Bruno says he got her dancing all the way through. Carrie Ann thought it was incredible, but her energy wasn’t quite where it could have been. Three 8s from the judges.

Von Miller & Witney Carson did a Jazz routine to “Bad” paying tribute to Michael Jackson’s famous video. The dance wasn’t bad at all. It’s a tall order to do provide Michael Jackson action in the ballroom, but Bruno felt he did a fantastic job. Carrie Ann loved that Von put his own spin on things. Len felt it was good bad. Scores of three 8s from the judges.

Jodie Sweetin & Keo Motsepe did a Contemporary dance to “Try” paying tribute to Pink’s popular music video. Jodie suffered some serious injuries during rehearsals after a visit from a pair of Pink’s choreographers. Fortunately, there wasn’t a fracture. It was only a question of how much pain Jodie could take. Well, her injuries didn’t stop her from turning in a powerhouse performance. Carrie Ann loved the “danger factor.” Len liked the confrontational feel even though there was a bit of a struggle during the lift. Scores of 9-8-8 from the judges.

Paige VanZant & Mark Ballas did a Jazz routine to “Soul Bossa Nova” from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Yeah, baby! The team was totally groovy in their shagadelic routine even after they were forced to work with a new song halfway through rehearsals. Len felt there was nothing about that dance that he didn’t like. Bruno loved the accuracy of the stylistic details. Carrie Ann loved it, too. The judges went 9-10-9 for the scores.

Nyle DiMarco & Peta Murgatroyd did the Quickstep to “Hey Pachuco” from the Jim Carrey/Cameron Diaz comedy The Mask. The team totally looked the parts with Nyle going all green in the face to truly dive into his character. It was a “smokin’” routine. Bruno loved the explosive energy. Carrie Ann felt Nyle’s frame was broken and that the dance got away from him. Len was also fairly critical of the dance. Scores of 8-8-9 from the judges.

Ginger Zee & Valentin Chmerkovskiy did a Jazz routine to “Nasty” as they paid homage to Janet Jackson’s famed music video. Call her Miss Zee, as Ginger was all attitude in a routine that was originally choreographed by Paula Abdul. Carrie Ann felt the dance was so well-rehearsed, but she wanted to see a little bit more. Len felt it was more tasty than nasty. Bruno felt Ginger needed to “punch it” a bit more. Scores of 8-8-8 from the judges.

Doug Flutie & Karina Smirnoff went Bollywood with their routine to “Jai Ho” from Slumdog Millionaire. Not even the pro dancer on this team had ever danced in this genre. Nevertheless, the pair embraced the moment. Len felt from Hollywood to Bollywood it was jolly good. Carrie Ann felt that this was, in many ways, this was her favorite number that he’s ever done. It’s good to see Doug having a good time. Scores of 7-7-7 from the judges.

Wanya Morris & Lindsay Arnold performed a Jazz routine to “Bye Bye Bye” as a tribute to *NSYNC’s 2000 VMA performance. The prior week’s disappointing scores were a topic of conversation and motivation during rehearsals. Come show time, Wanya was in sync with his *NSYNC dance. Bruno said it was as tight and polished as Kim Kardashian’s face. It’s a compliment. Carrie Ann said he was “on fire.” Len felt Wanya took a big step forward toward the finals. Even audience guests Lance Bass and Joey Fatone were truly impressed. 10-9-10 from the judges gives this team the top score of the night.

Antonio Brown & Sharna Burgess did the Jive to “Footloose” from the classic ‘80s Kevin Bacon crowd-pleaser. After some tough love talk during rehearsals, the team was back in action. Carrie Ann was up and dancing at the end of it all. She felt Antonio killed it. Len felt this was his best dance. Bruno let Antonio know that his hard work paid off. Scores of 9-9-9 from the judges.

At the end of the evening, Doug Flutie bid adieu to the ballroom. The quest for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy continues in Week 7 with Icons Night and a double-elimination! Make sure you come back to the happiest dance party on earth MONDAY, MAY 2 8|7c on ABC!

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