Sadie Robertson: Road to the DWTS Fall 2014 Finale

By Mike Krolak | Nov 18th, 2014

Sadie Robertson has seen her fair share of the spotlight, as one of the stars of A&E's Duck Dynasty. But there, she can step aside and let her family take the lead. On Dancing with the Stars, the 17-year old has nowhere to hide -- and she has stepped up, big time. She's shown remarkable poise and maturity, and boy, can she dance. Whether it's a slow and intimate performance or a routine that relies on speed and precision, Sadie and her partner Mark Ballas have won plaudits for their grace and creativity, making them formidable opponents heading into the finals. Here are some of the highlights of Sadie's journey.


Sadie Gets the Season's First 9s|A 34 out of 40 on opening night.|Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas get the first 9s of the season for a total of 34 out of 40 for their Cha Cha, on the season premiere of the Fall 2014 season of Dancing with the Stars.

Sadie started the season off very strong, earning 34 out of 40 for her Cha Cha on the Dancing with the Stars Fall 2014 season premiere. Two 9s out of the gate pegged her as an early favorite for the top of the leaderboard.


Sadie's Samba for the Birds|The judges quack with joy.|Sadie Robertson and a Duck Dynasty-clad Mark Ballas get a 10 from Julianne Hough and total a 37 out of 40 for their energetic Samba. From Week 4 of the Fall 2014 season of Dancing with the Stars.

In Week 4, Sadie went back to her roots for a quacktastic Duck Dynasty-themed Samba. The judges liked the way she shook her tail feathers and gave her 37 out of 40.


Sadie Takes the Top Score|The judges give straight 9s on her Charleston.|Sadie Robertson and her Switch Up partner Derek Hough get high marks from the judges for their Charleston -- 36 out of 40, the top score of the night. From Week 5 of the Fall 2014 season of Dancing with the Stars.

  Even without Mark, Sadie was a force to be reckoned with. She took the high score of the night on Switch Up Night with her Switch Up partner Derek Hough for their Charleston.


Her contemporary routine required more fluid, graceful movements than some of her earlier routines, but she nailed this one as well, getting two 10s on her way to a 38.


Even when pro Emma Slater joined Sadie and Mark for a triples' Foxtrot, Sadie didn't get outshined. She lamented forgetting her steps at the end, but the judges didn't even care: This dance was perfect, and they scored it accordingly.


Sadie Foxtrots to 40|See what she was worried about before the judges weighed in.|Though she immediately fretted about her steps, Sadie Robertson was fretting over nothing. Joined by her partner Mark Ballas and guest dancer Emma Slater, their trio Foxtrot received a perfect 40. From Week 9 of the Fall 2014 season of Dancing with the Stars.

In their last dance before the finale, Sadie and Mark used a prop to aid their performance, leading host Tom Bergeron to dub this dance a Guitar-gentine Tango. They finished strong in the Dancing with the Stars Fall 2014 Semi-Finals with a 37 out of 40.

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