Bruno's Writers Room: Part 2 to Tango

By Mike Krolak | Nov 25th, 2014

When we first met Geryld Dabbage -- Bruno Tonioli's head writer -- he was flying high as the man responsible for coming up with the fabulous phraseology that Bruno wields every night on Dancing with the Stars. For a little refresher on Geryld's day-to-day on the show, watch the first video here:

Bruno's Writers Room|Meet the team behind Bruno Tonioli's fierce lexicon!|You think you know Dancing with the Stars judge Bruno Tonioli, but you have no idea. Meet his team of writers that wordsmith his tornado of vernacular magic.

Yep, Geryld's got life figured out, and a job most would kill to have.

But when Geryld gets a little careless one day in the control room, his mistake travels all the way to the DWTS Ballroom and besmirches Bruno's fair lips. Watch Geryld's colossal slip-up, and find out whether or not he can find a way to make amends. This video features a guest appearance by Bruno himself...enjoy!