Week 1: The 10th Anniversary Season Premiere!

By Jim Donnelly | Mar 17th, 2015

Welcome to the Glitter Report for the 10th Anniversary Season Premiere of Dancing with the Stars. This season features actors, actresses, music artists, models, athletes and a true American hero. Which star shined the brightest on opening night? Let’s find out!

Rumer Has It Going On: Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were in the house cheering on their daughter as she did her outstanding Foxtrot. Len told her partner, Val, that this could be his season. Carrie Ann agreed that Rumer is in it to win it. See why:

What’s Up, Cuz?: Riker Lynch is actually related to Derek and Julianne Hough, as they are second cousins. Does fine dancing run in the family? Yes, yes it does. Riker’s dance had Bruno on his feet. That’s because he had to climb up on the judges’ table to see his frenetic Jive routine with Allison.

A Hero’s Challenge: Noah Galloway is a true American hero who lost his arm and leg in combat. That didn’t stop from delivering a fine Cha Cha with Sharna. Tears were flowing and Noah’s three kids were cheering loudly along with the crowd during a standing ovation. Tom Bergeron said that moments like this are when the show is at its best.

Plop, Plop, Dance, Dance: Hunger Games star Willow Shields was a fitting tribute to kick off the 10th Anniversary season premiere. She was just four-years-old when the show first hit the air.  She’s 14 now and the youngest star to ever hit the ballroom dance floor. Len compared her to a glass of Alka-Seltzer because she was refreshing and made him feel good.

From Judge to Being Judged: Music superstar Redfoo made his debut last season as a guest judge. Now he’s the one being judged as he does his Juicy Wiggle of a Cha Cha with Emma. Bruno loved the sparkling lunacy of the routine. Redfoo’s scores were less than sparkling though.

High Five: A five-time Olympic medal-winning gymnast is teamed with a five-time Dancing with the Stars champ with Nastia and Derek. All six troupe dancers joined them for their fantastic Foxtrot. Julianne called it an explosive first dance. Len said their routine to New York, New York was “Like the Big Apple, it was sweet and delicious.”

See you next time for #MY JAM MONDAY!