Week 2: My Jam Monday!

By Jim Donnelly | Mar 24th, 2015

The second week of the 10th Anniversary Season of Dancing with the Stars was My Jam Monday! Of course, it was also the first week someone would have to exit the ballroom. As much as Redfoo improved, we still had to bid him adieu though not before so many fine routines wowed the crowd. There was also an extremely emotional reunion in the ballroom. Get the full scoop below in the Glitter Report!

Go with the Flow: Nastia and Derek were smooth and sexy as they glided around the dance floor for their memorable Rumba. Bruno said their “flow was flawless.” The other judges also had high praise and high scores to match as Nastia and Derek turned in the dance of the night!

Painting the Town Tango: Willow moved past the opening night hype of being the youngest Dancing star ever to show some serious maturity in a colorful routine with partner Mark. After a spirited paint balloon war in the parking lot, this bright and shiny duo shined on the dance floor with a portrait perfect Argentine Tango.

Express Yourself: Val gave a spot-on impersonation of his partner’s famous papa, Bruce Willis, with his expression of his reaction of “thrill and happiness.” Rumer joined him in doing a deadpan impression of dear old dad, but not before joining him in a super hot Cha Cha. Check it out!

Surprise!: We saw some rehearsal struggles being teased in clips just before Noah and Sharna did their Samba. None of those issues were evident during their fine routine though. Believe it or not, the dance took a total backseat to what followed. No, we’re not talking about Bruno’s usual antics. The most chill-inducing moment of the evening had to be the return of Noah’s true love.

Don’t Touch the Hair: After his partner, Allison, somehow convinced him to tame his hair, Riker’s slicked-back look complimented his super slick Foxtrot. Carrie loved that he was so presentational and elegant during the dance. Julianne added that he went from “Rocker Riker” to “Radiant Riker.”

The Quotes Are In:

Bruno (to Chris after his Cha Cha): “You got your feet stick in a jam and the timing turned into Jell-O.”

Bruno (also to Chris after his Cha Cha): “But positive, you were much more erect.”

Tom (after Bruno’s “erect” comment): “You watched him on The Bachelor, too, then, appafrently.”

Bruno (to Suzanne after her Jive): “It was teasy but never sleazy.”

Carrie Ann (to Robert after his Foxtrot): “It almost made me a little nauseous you’re so darn cute.”

Julianne (after Charlotte’s Cha Cha): “I just want to say to everyone on social media… it takes a lot of courage to come out here.”

Tom: “That’s one thing cyber-bullying doesn’t take is courage.”

Len (to Michael after his Foxtrot): “I love Motown and I gotta say you were going to town.”

Bruno (to Rumer after her Cha Cha): “You have a pin-sharp sense of purpose.”

Len (to Redfoo after his Jive): “You’ve been trained, but not tamed and that’s what you want in a Jive.”

Len (to Noah after his Samba): “The rhythm in your hips put a smile on my face.”

Tom (after Noah’s girlfriend surprised him on stage): “We usually leak like a sieve, and we kept the secret!”

Bruno (to Nastia after her Rumba): “Your flow was flawless.”

Bruno (to Patti after her Salsa): “V.I.P. is the only way to be! And I know a queen bee when I see one. So Cookie. So Empire. Absolutely hot!”

Patti Shakes: As we mentioned earlier, we had to say goodbye to Redfoo at the end of a dazzling evening of dance. The final routine of the evening showed just how entertaining the night was thanks to a sizzling Salsa from Patti that received bows from Tom and a standing ovation from the crowd!

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