Week 4: Most Memorable Year

By Jim Donnelly | Apr 7th, 2015

Week 4 of the 10th Anniversary Season of Dancing with the Stars turned out to be one of the most emotional nights of the year. Makes sense. This is the night the stars danced to themes of their most memorable year. There were tears and cheers. We had to bid adieu to Michael after his fine rumba. We also saw the first 10s of the season. Who got those elusive perfectos? Let’s find out in the Glitter Report!

Feel the Hunger: Len was either going to love or hate Willow’s Hunger Games-themed Contemporary routine. Tom Bergeron joked that the head judge hasn’t seen too many talkies, so it’s doubtful he’d be able to embrace the full beauty of the dance. But embrace it he did, as did the other judges. Willow and Mark scored three 10s from the judges and a top score of 39 for the night. See why!

Memories of Beijing: For her most memorable year, Nastia picked the time she competed in the Beijing Olympics. She dedicated her Argentine Tango to her parents, who were in the audience. The grandparents were in from Moscow, too. The dance was great, but Len, and Julianne to a degree, wonder if it had enough passion. It did for Bruno, who gave Nastia and Derek the first 10 of the season.

Come and Dance on our Floor: Suzanne didn’t have the highest score of the night, but she did perform the most nostalgic routine for many. Her Foxtrot served as a blast from sitcom past as she danced to the theme of the show that made her a star. Suzanne dedicated the routine to her longtime TV roommate, John Ritter. Check out her dance and head on down to the Regal Beagle afterwards to celebrate.

One Smooth Shark: It was a beautiful, flowing routine from Robert as he performed a waltz to his mom’s favorite song. Carrie Ann says that Robert’s dance embodied everything that makes the show a hit. Len says his mom is looking down and cheering him on after his best dance so far. Julianne felt Robert’s frame was incredible and Kym did some inspired choreography.

Standing Tall: Rumer’s graceful Waltz and Riker’s unorthodox Tango, brought cheers from the crowd, but it was Noah’s inspiring Contemporary routine that brought the crowd to its feet. It came as no surprise that Noah’s most memorable year was 2005. That’s when he lost an arm and a leg while on deployment in Iraq. His dance with Sharna was a tribute to the man he once was and the man he has become.

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