Dancing with the Stars Week 5: Disney Night

By Jim Donnelly | Apr 14th, 2015

It’s the Happiest Ballroom on Earth as the stars did their most supercalifragilisticexpialidocious dances of the 10th Anniversary Season of Dancing with the Stars on Disney Night! Suzanne would have preferred a happier ending than the one where she had to say bye-bye. As for everyone else, they danced their Disney best to some of the most iconic music in movie history. Check out the highlights in The Glitter Report!

Super Sexy Sea Witch: Yes, Rumer may be the sexiest sea witch to do the Samba as she completely wowed the crowd with her high-energy routine with Val. It came hot on the heels of another whipping, ripping routine from Riker, so there was no room for error. Three 10s from the judges showed just how near-perfect this team was in the dance of the night.

Pirates of the Ballroom: Avast, Ye Mateys! Riker channeled his inner-Captain Jack Sparrow to totally nail his frenetic Paso Doble. It was at the end of this dance that we first saw the Mickey Mouse ears on the judges’ paddles whenever they deemed a dance worthy of a 10. This one got a few perfectos thanks to a high-energy, high-excitement routine that rocked the seven seas.

From Hunger to Wonder: Julianne said Willow definitely took her down the rabbit hole with her Foxtrot to “Alice’s Theme” from Alice in Wonderland. Mark was having a little trouble breathing through his White Rabbit mask. He certainly didn’t have any trouble dancing though as he and Willow delivered the most theatrical routine of the evening.

The Quotes Are In:

Bruno (to Suzanne after her Jazz routine): “The lady was a vamp.”

Bruno (to Robert after his Quickstep): “Time is a relative concept.”

Carrie Ann (to Patti after her Waltz): It’s like watching the fairy godmother of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Len (to Willow after her Foxtrot): “You’ve gone from Hunger Games to Fun and Games.”

Bruno (to Chris after his Quickstep): “My darling, you were magnificent on Mount Olympus.”

Bruno (to Noah after his Foxtrot): “Looking at you makes us all believe in magic.”

Carrie Ann (to Riker after his Paso):  “That was a beast of a Paso and you slayed it.”

Bruno (to Rumer after Samba): “It feels good to be bad, doesn’t it?”

Carrie Ann (to Nastia after her Jazz routine): “It was like a Disney dream come true.”

Frozen Fun: The Mickey ears were out once again as Nastia and Derek had a little Frozen fun with their jazz dance to “Love Is an Open Door.” Although Carrie Ann didn’t care for the lip-syncing that went along with the routine, she still described it as a “Disney dream come true.” It’s also a fitting way to wrap up this week’s highlights. See you next time!

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