Dancing with the Stars Week 6: Spring Break

By Jim Donnelly | Apr 21st, 2015

While many party people choose to have their fun in the sun down in Fort Lauderdale, the beach scene hit the ballroom for Spring Break Week of the 10th Anniversary Season of Dancing with the Stars! This particular night also featured the first team dances of the competition. How did this action-packed evening end? Let’s fine out in The Glitter Report!

Now We’re Cookin’: It was Samba time as Riker took to the floor with partner Allison. Len said, “You dance like I cook—chuck it all in and hope for the best.” Well, Riker certainly served up a tasty treat to finish up the solo dances by reeling in the top individual score of the evening.

A Hot Rumer: You gotta give Val major courage points for choreographing a super sexy dance with Rumer when he knows Papa Bruce is out there somewhere watching…waiting. Nevertheless, these two whipped out a scorching routine that some felt was a tad too hot. Len said, “It’s a ballroom, not a bedroom.”

Shoeless in the Ballroom: Even though we had to bid her adieu, Patti had a Heat Wave of fun with her high-kicking Quickstep. She whipped one gam up so high that her shoe flew off. Patti persevered to deliver what Len called “the best dance of the night so far.” He was making a joke because Patti was up first, but that doesn’t mean the routine didn’t rock.

A Shot of Tequila: With a swinging Salsa that puts every dance Pee Wee Herman ever did to Tequila to shame, Willow broke her typical spring break routine of watching movies to deliver some fast-paced fun. Check it out!

Two to Tango: Even though they are probably the team with the most hectic schedule, Nastia and Derek have been pretty darn consistent throughout the season. This proved to be the case once again as they cranked out another top routine with their Tango.

The Quotes Are In:

Len (to Patti after her Quickstep, the first dance of the night): “It’s the best dance so far tonight.”

Carrie Ann (to Robert after his Jive): “You didn’t miss a step. You just didn’t do it at the right time.”

Len (to Rumer after her Jazz): “It’s a ballroom, not a bedroom.”

Bruno (after Rumer’s Jazz): “I like it hot and raunchy.”

Bruno (to Chris after his Viennese Waltz): “Tonight you are spinning like a wheel – a wheel of joy!”

Len (to Riker after his Samba): “You dance how I cook - Chuck it all in and hope for the best.”

Team Yolo: Stars Willow, Noah, Robert and Nastia forged ahead with rehearsals during a week when key team members were on the other side of the country due to previous commitments. In fact, Derek didn’t even get back in town until Monday morning. These challenges didn’t stop Team Yolo from kicking things into high gear come crunch time!

Team Trouble: Stars Rumer, Chris, Riker and Patti didn’t have to worry about the team being separated during their rehearsal time. They did have to fret about the near-perfect score of 39 Team Yolo put up just before they took to the floor. How did they respond? See for yourself!

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