Week 10: The Semi-Finals!

By Jim Donnelly | Nov 18th, 2014

It’s been a long, challenging road to the semifinals with many memorable performances along the way. Five teams arrived ready to roll, but only four would be moving onto the Finals. We had to say goodbye to Tommy Chong and his partner, Peta. These two certainly upped the entertainment value of the show every time they took to the dance floor. Alas, the competition proved a little too tough for this terrific team as you’ll see below. Onto the highlights!

Picture Perfecto: Derek mentioned that he had some difficulty coming up with ideas for his routines with Bethany this week. Their first dance was a solid Samba that brought mixed reviews yet four 9s from the judges. Their next routine, however, was a picture perfect Contemporary dance that got them picture perfect scores.

Oh, Brother: Val got a little advice from his brother this week. You remember Maks, right? Then you know that he’s never been one to shy away from telling you what he thinks, and he thought Janel and Val should give the fans what they want. Mission accomplished, as you can see in their perfect Paso Doble.

Gotta Give ‘Em Props: Derek and Bethany weren’t the only ones who got their hands on some props to help with their routines. Sadie and Mark pulled all the right guitar strings with their Argentine Tango. The judges went back and forth as to when the dancing duo should have ditched the instrument, but that didn’t stop them from doling out some decent scores.

Playing Hurt: Alfonso was hurting big time before, and even during, his first routine of the evening. You would have never known it though. His Argentine Tango with Witney earned high scores and high praise from the judges. Alfonso still had one more dance to go and he made the most of it. Check out his highly-emotional Contemporary dance with Witney.

The Quotes Are In:

Tom: “You got Tommy Chong and Peta’s thong.”

Bruno (to Tommy): “You have Peta. The human defibrillator. She can bring anyone back from the dead.”

Len (to Bethany after her after her samba): "It was a little like cotton candy. It was light and fluffy, but a little sticky here and there."

Tom (to Sadie after her Argentine Tango): “Mark and Sadie with the first Guitar-gentine Tango.”

Len (to Tommy after his Rumba): “No one as old as you will ever get this far on Dancing with the Stars.”

Julianne (to Bethany after her Contemporary routine): “That was picture perfect.”

Len (to Janel after her Argentine Tango): “You put the ‘oo’ in mood.”

So Long, Tommy Chong: As we already mentioned, we had to bid adieu to Tommy and Peta. Len said, “No one as old as you will ever get this far on Dancing with the Stars.” That may or may not be true, but one thing is for sure—Tommy did it all his way. Take a look at his farewell speech and his fun, fascinating journey.

Next time out: The quest for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy ends!