Week 11: Season Finale - Freestyle Night!

By Jim Donnelly | Nov 25th, 2014

Season Finale Week kicked off with a special treat for fans of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach and a certain suspender-clad, mustached plumber. The Super Mario Freestyle was, by far, one of the top moments of the season. There were lots of other outstanding routines as well. We also had to say goodbye to one talented team. Onto the highlights! Nintendo fans will surely rejoice with the first one below.

Game On: Super Sadie teamed with Super Mario (aka Super Mark) for one of the most memorable freestyle routines ever seen on the show. It was pure fun from beginning to end. It was also quite breathtaking with some serious leaping and tumbling smack-dab in the middle of an already frenetic routine. Words can’t really describe it, so why don’t you just watch it?!

In Sync: Bethany and Derek have performed solid, stunning routines throughout the season. So why should that change for the season finale? Once again, this dynamic dancing duo left it all out on the floor with a super-synchronized showing that earned them a well-deserved perfecto from the judges.

The Heat Is On: Arguably, Janel and Val have been the most scorching couple of the season. As sizzling as they’ve been on the dance floor, they were feeling the heat in a different way due to the injury factor. Nevertheless, Janel was able to dial up the courage needed to perform yet another sexy, soulful routine for their memorable freestyle.

Dance on Tap: Alfonso is another star who has been playing in pain these past few weeks. An entire season of Rumbas and Quicksteps will do that to even the most seasoned dancer. As difficult as the grind has been, Alfonso never let up. His toe-tapping, smile-inducing routine was the icing on sweet night of fine freestyles.

Bethany Inspires: As mentioned earlier, someone had to head home at the end of this evening of amazing entertainment. We had to say bye-bye to Bethany, but she certainly left with no regrets. She also served as a role model to so many young ladies around the world. Tom made mention of her anti-bullying routine from earlier in the season, so we thought it would be fitting to take a look at that dance one more time. It wasn't her highest-scoring routine, but it sure was memorable.

Three teams remain. Who will will the coveted Mirrorball Trophy? We'll find out tonight!