Week 8: Dynamic Duos!

By Jim Donnelly | Nov 4th, 2014

There have been plenty of dynamic duos throughout history. Batman & Robin… Bonnie & Clyde… Tarzan & Jane… Len & Bruno! All of these legendary pairings were in the ballroom during Week 8. Most of them were dancing. Some of them were gettin’ all judge-y. All of them, however, were part of one on the most dynamic, dance-dueling nights of the season. Onto the highlights!

Shakespeare in the Ballroom: Valentin… Valentin… Where for art thou, Valentin? He was with his partner, Janel, that’s where. This team’s contemporary routine was a thing of high-flying beauty. Janel spent most of the dance airborne or in the arms of her partner. When she came down to Earth, she and Val earned the only perfecto of the evening.

Janel's Perfect Contemporary Routine|She and Val romance the judges with Romeo & Juliet.|Janel Parrish and Val Chmerkovskiy channel Romeo & Juliet for their Contemporary routine, and they sweep the judges off their feet, receiving a perfect 40. From Week 8 of the Fall 2014 season of Dancing with the Stars.

Holy High Scores, Batman!: Alfonso channeled his inner-Dark Knight and Witney proved to be one rockin’ Robin as this true dynamic duo dazzled with another fine routine. The Caped Crusader’s cha cha pulled no punches as it was chock-full of action-packed moves. It was Bat-astic!

Alfonso's High-Flying Cha Cha|POW! He and Witney pull a 38 out of 40.|Alfonso Ribeiro and Witney Carson go with Batman & Robin for their duo -- complete with zip-line acrobatics -- and take down a 38 out of 40 from the judges. From Week 8 of the Fall 2014 season of Dancing with the Stars.

Lucy, You’ve Got Some Dancing To Do: Ricky may have loved Lucy, but the crowd and judges loved Bethany and Derek. Their sizzling salsa would’ve looked out of place on a sitcom, but it was a scorching success in the ballroom.

Bethany Does "I Love Lucy"|No 'splaining to do for their 37 out of 40.|Bethany Mota and Derek Hough take their cues from Lucy and Ricky Ricardo this week, and Salsa their way to a 37 out of 40. From Week 8 of the Fall 2014 season of Dancing with the Stars.

Tempting Len: Mark had some fightin’ words for Len when he accused him of not being a fan of creativity. Hopefully, he was a fan of creation though has he and Sadie traveled back to the Garden of Eden for their Adam & Eve routine. The contemporary routine proved to be the apple of the judges’ eyes with a pair of perfect scores, though no 10 from Len.

Sadie's Garden of High Scores|Her Adam & Eve routine is the apple of the judges' eyes.|Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas draw from Adam and Eve for their Contemporary routine and find their Eden in high scores for the night -- a 38 out of 40. From Week 8 of the Fall 2014 season of Dancing with the Stars.

Dance-Off Time: The top team of the night, which happened to be Janel and Val, won immunity from elimination. The remaining trio of dynamic duos had to take part in a dance-off for additional points. Tommy & Peta bested Michael & Emma in their duel. As for the others dance-offs, see how they played out below:


DWTS Dance-Off: Alfonso vs. Lea|See who danced the better Jive.|Alfonso Ribeiro took on Lea Thompson with a head-to-head Jive, and the judges selected Alfonso as the victor. From Week 8 of the Fall 2014 season of Dancing with the Stars.