Week 9: America's Choice!

By Jim Donnelly | Nov 11th, 2014

Many teams cruised through America’s Choice Night on the road to the semifinals, but one dancing duo detoured out of the ballroom in a surprising elimination. It’s too bad that we had to bid adieu to Lea after such a strong night, but the entire evening was filled with highly-entertaining routines. So, let’s get to the highlights!

Risky Business: It was the second perfect score of the night, but we thought it fitting to celebrate it first. After all, Mark took a big risk calling upon a female pro to join him and star partner Sadie in their trio dance. This group proved that some risks are definitely worth taking. Check out their top notch foxtrot!

The Perfect Start: The only other perfecto of the evening came during the kickoff of trio time. Alfonso was flanked by a couple of lovely ladies in Witney and troupe member Lindsay Arnold as rock the house with a perfect paso doble!

In-Flight Entertainment: It wasn’t the best dance of the night, but it was, by far, the most entertaining. Tommy had some mile-high fun with a couple of beautiful flight attendants who were there to make his trip across the ballroom floor as enjoyable as possible. Buckle up! This is one fun ride!

Give Us a Little Kiss: Janel and Val did a near-perfect salsa for their trio dance with Keo, but their first dance gave the fans what they truly wanted—a nice little smooch at the end of kickin’ Quickstep. Not even a little slip could stop this team from getting a couple of 10s from the judges for this dance.

The Quotes Are In:

Bruno (to Tommy after his Viennese Waltz): “You were spinning around like a fairground carousel and you took us all with you.”

Len (to Tommy after his Viennese Waltz): “From one old geezer to another old geezer, you are my hero.”

Bruno (to Lea after her samba): Meeeeeooooow!

Tom (after Len’s comments on Bethany’s Viennese Waltz): “What’s a fleckerl?”

Tommy: “Surround yourself with beautiful women and hope nobody looks at you.”

Bruno (to Tommy after his trio dance): “You’ve got the look of the man who invented the mile-high club.”

Len (to Lea after her trio dance): “I was probably the only one who wasn’t focusing on Artem and Henry.”

Bruno (to Bethany after her trio dance): “It’s like if Mad Max would have choreographed an Argentine Tango.”

Len (to Sadie after her trio dance): “I wish I had an 11 paddle.”

Bruno (to Janel after her trio dance): “Get me a doctor, I’ve got jungle fever.”

What the Fleckerl?: Bethany and Derek’s flowing, sensual Viennese Waltz drew high scores even though Len would have preferred to see a fleckerl thrown in there. A fleckerl, by the way, is not the name of a tasty side dish. It’s a dance move that rotates on the spot. There were no fleckerls in this team’s trio dance either. There was, however, a Tony.

Get ready for the semifinals as the quest for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy continues next week!