The Glitter Report: Season 19 Premiere!

By Jim Donnelly | Sep 16th, 2014

A whole new cast of stars took the ballroom by storm to kick off season 19 of Dancing with the Stars. The fast-moving premiere was full of fine routines, a smattering of stumbles and even a little wardrobe malfunction (not what you think). We’ll cover all the routines for the season 19 premiere edition of the Glitter Report, so let the highlights begin!

A Fresh Start: Alfonso Ribeiro wants people to know there’s more to him than just Carlton, the character he once played on the hit sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He had a popular dance he used to perform from time to time on the show. It was called… wait for it… The Carlton! But on the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars, he opted to do a highly-kinetic jive with partner Witney. It was a routine that surely would have made his TV cousin, Will, proud, as it was the Dance of the Night!


Holy Underwear!: Soap star and former Calvin Klein model Antonio Sabato, Jr. had the honor of kicking off season 19 with the first dance of the night. It’s always a little nerve-wracking when you’re the first one out of the gate, but Antonio did alright with his energetic cha cha with Cheryl even though the judges were less than impressed.

The Future Looks Bright: Unless someone can dig up some plutonium for the flux capacitor, there’s no way we can predict what the future holds for Lea Thompson. In the present, however, she cranked out a pretty decent foxtrot with her partner, Artem, who is a Dancing champ in the U.K. Over in the States, these two may have a fine future together.

A Pretty Little Dancer: Pretty Little Liars star Janel Parrish certainly brought her “A” game on opening night as she did a fine jive with partner Val. Bruno called it “spicy hot” and felt she “sold it so sexy.” And you know Bruno… He likes “sexy.”

Lolo’s Uh-Oh: Olympian Lolo Jones is no stranger to stiff competition in the world of sports, but the perils of texting and dancing provided an unexpected challenge in the ballroom. Technical difficulties caused her to lose her way during the beginning of her routine, but the competitor inside had her fight through and pick things up toward the end. As Erin said, she “adjusted on the fly.”


Good Material: Fashion designer Betsey Johnson was dressed for success when she began her cha cha with partner Tony. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a wardrobe malfunction toward the end when they tried to tangle with a runaway boa. Feathers were flying, but Betsey still managed to do a pretty slick split at the end.


Tavis Made Us Smile: Tavis Smiley said he wanted to do “one last silly thing” before he turned the big 5-0. Well, his fine foxtrot with Sharna wasn’t silly at all. In fact, it was pretty darn smooth.

Everybody Duck!: 17-year-old Sadie Robertson is best known for her family’s TV show Duck Dynasty. She’s now looking to start a dancing dynasty with partner Mark. They got off to a pretty good start with a fun, high-energy foxtrot.

Hey, You Two, Get a Vroom: Racing star Michael Waltrip did a fairly heroic cha cha considering his onesie was giving him a wedgie.

Dance Like You Mean It: Jonathan Bennett may have hung with some Mean Girls in the movies, and he can certainly hold his own in the ballroom. Carrie Ann called him a polished performer after his killer jive with partner Allison. Time was short, so the dancing duo never heard from Bruno during the critiques. That’s cool. Bruno let his paddle do the talking with an eight.

Smokin’ Hot: Cheech and Chong were together again, but only for a moment. Then it was time for Tommy to do a little dancing with partner Peta. Len initially felt like his performance loomed like a visit to the dentist. In other words, he was a little worried. Tommy put all fears to rest with his fun cha cha.


Fight for Your Right to Foxtrot: Who knew tough guy Randy Couture was so smooth on the dance floor? Well, everyone does now. He was pretty light on his feet during his sexy foxtrot.

No Need for YouTube: You can see Internet sensation Bethany Mota’s high-energy jive right here. Let the fun begin!



The Quote Board:

Len (to Antonio after his cha cha): “Well, it’s obvious that you’ve got dancing in your blood. Unfortunately, it hasn’t reached your feet.”

Carrie Ann (to Lea after her foxtrot): “I thought that was one of the best first foxtrots I’ve ever seen.”

Bruno (to Janel after her jive): “You sold it so sexy.”

Tom (after Lolo’s cha cha): “The dangers of texting and dancing have been proven repeatedly.”

Julianne (to Betsey after her cha cha): “You are flex-i-ble.”

Len (to Tavis after his foxtrot): “You’re nifty for 50.”

Bruno (to Sadie after her foxtrot) : “Quack, quack, you’ll be back!”

Len (to Michael after his cha cha): “The engine was running but you never got out of first gear.”

Michael (after his cha cha): “My onesie gave me a wedgie.”

Tom: (after Tommy’s cha cha): “Doesn’t he look like the Most Interesting Man in the World?”

Carrie Ann (to Randy after his foxtrot): “Randy you’re making me randy.”

Tom (to Julianne): “You realize you’ve hit on three guys…”

Bruno (to Alfonso after his jive): “The Prince of Bel-Air… You are the King of the Night.”