Week 2: A Memorable "My Jam Monday"

By Jim Donnelly | Sep 23rd, 2014

Welcome to this season’s second edition of the Glitter Report. It was “My Jam Monday” during Week 2 of Dancing! That means the stars got to pick the songs for their performances. It was a night filled with fun routines, a few harsh critiques and dad who thought his daughter would look just ducky if she chose to dance in her bathrobe. Now, onto the highlights!

Made in America: Lea’s fast-moving jive wows the crowd. It brings everyone in the ballroom to their feet. It even knocks Carrie Ann off hers. She was just so excited, and with good reason. Julianne said she got chills watching the routine. She was impressed to see Lea hold her own with Artem, who just became a U.S. citizen. This dancing duo celebrated his big news as well as their big dance with a trio of 9s. Only Len had his paddle stuck in 8-mode. Though honorable mention goes to Janel’s foxtrot, Lea had the dance of the night!

Shirtless in the Ballroom: Tommy Chong actually has a little salsa experience from his club days. That surely would come in handy provided he could remember them. Whether he could or not, it didn’t matter. Tommy and Peta came out with a fast, fun, funny routine that was highlighted by one member of this dancing duo ripping off a shirt. Hint: It wasn’t Peta.

The Fons is Cool: Alfonso and Witney navigated through a tough rehearsal week to take the ballroom by storm with their samba. It’s an entertaining routine for sure probably because, as Julianne pointed out, he’s always going to have “the Alfonso Groove.” All of the judges, however, agreed that he needed a little more samba.

Bethany’s Best Foot Forward: Bethany had some ankle trouble during the week, so it makes perfect sense that she try to balance herself atop a big old bass to begin her routine. As it turns out, this was just the right stunt to kick things off on the right foot. Then the other foot kicked in and before we knew it, Bethany and Derek were on their way to completing a really fine foxtrot.

The Secret is Out: Len clued Antonio in on the secret to success on Dancing with the Stars. You just have to be better than you were the week before. Brilliant words from a brilliant man. Here are a few more fun one-liners from the night:

Len (to Michael after his samba): “You put the sin in syncopation.”

Julianne (to Alfonso after his samba): “You have the Alfonso groove.”

Len (to Alfonso after his samba): “You were poppin’ like buttons on a tight shirt.”

Julianne (to Bethany after her foxtrot): “That was your jam, well you are my jam. That was awesome.”

Len (to Betsey after her foxtrot): “Last week was a night to forget. This week is a night to remember.”

Bruno (to Antonio after his rumba): “The Latin lover is starting to smolder.”

Bruno (to Antonio after his rumba): “You’ve got a very nice butt. Use it more.”

Len (to Tommy after his salsa): “Plenty of wiggles. Plenty of giggles. Seventy-six and you’re still working your assets.”

Tommy (after his salsa): “Please vote for us because if you do we’ll save the world.”

Len (to Jonathan after his cha cha): “You’ve gotta have content.”

All That Country Jazz: Mark has never choreographed a jazz routine to a country song. He also never had to deal with a Duck Dynasty dad who disapproved of his daughter’s dresses. Sadie finally settled on an outfit that would have made Daisy Duke proud. Her sizzling jazz routine with Mark likely made her dad proud if he could get past all the sexy moves his little girl had on display.

See you next week!