Week 4: My Most Memorable Year

By Jim Donnelly | Oct 7th, 2014

Welcome to the latest edition of the Glitter Report. It was “My Most Memorable Year” night during Week 4 of Dancing! Break out the hankies. It’s always one of the most emotional nights of the season. This particular evening was no exception. Of course, there were big smiles, too. Let’s take a look at the highlights!

The Wait Is Over: It’s what we’ve been hoping for all fall from Alfonso. It’s the dance of the night. It’s the Carlton!

Paying Tribute: Janel’s emotional rumba for her coach BJ set off waterworks at the start of the evening. Tears were flowing again as Lea performed a beautiful tribute to her father. It was graceful, flowing and truly moving. There wasn’t a dry eye in the ballroom after this poignant contemporary routine.

Everybody, Duck!: Sadie was a fine-feathered dancer and Mark was her big-bearded camouflage-covered partner in a show-stopping samba that had the entire ballroom quacking and clapping.

Arrested Developments: Tommy says he learned how to live each moment one moment at a time during his stint in prison. So it makes perfect sense that he’d do a break out jive to “Jailhouse Rock” with Peta as the pretty police officer trying to take him in. As pretty as Peta is, Tommy apparently has no qualms about doing time with Tony.

Take a Look at Her Now: Colbie Caillat was in the ballroom performing her song “Try” for Bethany’s routine. It was an inspirational dance that served as a tribute as to how one can overcome bullying.

The Quotes Are In:

Tom: “Tonight I get to be the voice of America, so get ready for an international incident.”

Julianne (to Betsey after her jive): “The way you celebrate your daughter is the way America celebrates you.”

Julianne (to Bethany after her rumba): “What you wish you could have told yourself years ago, you just told so many girls tonight.”

Carrie Ann (to Lea after her contemporary routine): “I will remember that dance forever.”

Bruno (to Antonio after his samba): “I feel like we were watching a preview of “Magic Mike Two and a Half: Dancing with the Stud.”

Carrie Ann (to Alfonso after his Carlton-friendly jazz routine): “All I can say is… Finally.”

Crushing on Val: Betsey always brought her daughter, Lulu, with her on the runway during those modeling shows, and she brought her into the ballroom just before her fun jive. She and Tony had the crowd going wild, but the real fun took place when some switch-up chatter arose along with a possible pairing with Val. We had to say goodbye to Betsey this week, but let’s take a look at why she’s just so much fun to have around.