Week 5: The Switch-Up!

By Jim Donnelly | Oct 14th, 2014

Welcome to the latest edition of the Glitter Report. It was Switch-Up time during Week 5 of Dancing! Len was MIA once again, so guest judge Jessie J had to pick up the paddle slack. As for the big show, the stars were tasked with taking on some challenging routines with brand new partners. Let's see who shined!

Derek Dynasty: Sadie took her switch-up partner out for some skeet shooting during their rehearsal week. Derek held his own as he pulled the trigger, but his true aim was to take down Mark, who took away his partner. He accomplished his mission with Sadie, who was strutting her leggy legs with a super-charged Charleston.

After the Carlton: Last week, Alfonso gave the Dancing world what it had been waiting for when he finally broke out the Carlton. This week, Sharna and Tony brought us back from a commercial break with a nice Flamenco routine. It occurred right before Alfonso was to do his Flamenco. So how did this star compare to the pros? See for yourself!

Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Just Janel?: Guest judge Jessie J never thought a dance routine done to a song she wrote about her mom could be so hot. Janel's burlesque routine could be described as risqué, raunchy, revealing and/or, as we already mentioned, really, really hot. You be the judge.

This Is Getting Old: Lea had to put some pep into old-fashioned Broadway dance number and an even older-fashioned partner in Val. At the end of her rousing routine, it’s safe to say she danced down the Great White Way quite nicely.

The Quotes Are In:

Bruno (to Bethany after her hip-hop routine): “You remember the “Into the Groove” era?

Erin: “I love a good happy hour at Dancing with the Stars.

Carrie Ann (to Jonathan after his jitterbug): “So much of it was wrong.”

Julianne (to Alfonso after his Flamenco): “The first partnership that I believed tonight.”

Tom: “After you dance a hot dance with another woman, it’s always good to give a loving shout-out to your wife.”

Bruno (to Michael after his disco routine): “You put all the polish on the car and there was nothing left for the routine.”

Tommy (after his mambo): “Well, I look tired because I’m old.”

Insider Inforrmation: This wasn’t an elimination week. That’ll come next time around. Until then, let’s take a look at some of the secrets the stars picked up and some of the fun that was had.