Dancing with the Stars Recap Week 7: Eras Night

By Jim Donnelly | Apr 28th, 2015

On the eve of the 10th Anniversary special, the teams took on a century of dance routines. Week 7 was Eras Night on Dancing with the Stars! In addition to competing for your votes, the stars looked to get elimination immunity by snagging the night’s high score. Those who didn’t finish at the top took part in a dance-off to add to their score. None of this was enough to stop Willow and Mark from being hit with the most shocking elimination of the season so far. For all the highlights of the night, let’s go to the Glitter Report!

Down, But Not Out: After a night of spring break fun, Derek suffered a different kind of break while rehearsing for the anniversary show. After accidentally kicking a light, he broke his toe and severely sprained his ankle. Derek couldn’t dance, but he still participated in the routine and did all the choreography. Nastia had to get ready for her Modern Charleston with a brand new partner Sasha Farber. How did they do? Well, they got the top score of the night and won that precious immunity!

Play Ball: Riker let us know that he was swinging for the fences. He was seeking that elusive 10 from Len with his ‘20s-style Quickstep. Riker showed he has game by knocking it out of the park with his baseball-themed routine that had the crowd cheering and, yes, he did get that much-desired “10 from Len.” See why!

Sticking Your Neck Out: Papa Bruce Willis was in the rehearsal studio to watch his little girl prep for her Eras Night routine. It’s obvious that he has no problem being known as Rumer’s dad these days. Bruce loves seeing his daughter so happy after her dances. Rumer battled through wicked neck strain during one of her last rehearsals to wow the crowd with her wholesome ‘60s Jive.

That ‘70s Noah: Noah got to meet Season 18 runner-up Amy Purdy during his rehearsal week. It was just the type of inspiration he needed to go out and do a slick, groovy ‘70s Jazz routine. The dance filled with energetic attitude and some super-frizzy hair from Sharna. As for Noah, his pelvic thrust had Carrie Ann exclaiming, “WHAT…WAS…THAT?!” Whatever it was, it was enough to garner a 10 from the extremely excited judge.

The Quotes Are In:

Bruno (to Riker after his Quickstep): “It’s twinkle toes of the field of dreams.”

Bruno (to Chris after his Foxtrot): “Hello, sailor.”

Bruno (to Chris after his Foxtrot): “I think you’re turning. Turning into a dancer.”

Carrie Ann (to Noah after his Jazz): “WHAT…WAS…THAT?”

Len (to Noah after his Jazz): “You may have half the limbs as most men, but I tell you what, you’re twice the man.”

Len (to Robert after his Argentine Tango): “Your dancing is like Chutes and Ladders. One week you’re up. One week you’re down. This week… You’re up.”

Bruno: (to Nastia after her Modern Charleston): “You will never ever get a better ride than that one.”

Bruno: (to Willow after her Futuristic Jazz): “My little crouching tiger is now a master of the martial arts.”

The Way of the Ninjas: We couldn’t see their faces, but we certainly saw their moves. Ninjas Willow and Mark were masked marvels on the dance floor. This routine was a longtime coming for one partner. Tom showed everyone at home a photo of a very young Mark Ballas as a little ninja. He and Willow pulled in some big scores including a 10 from Bruno, but it wasn’t enough to continue on in the quest for the coveted Mirrorball Trophy.

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