The Glitter Report: The Perfect Dances of Season 18 of Dancing with the Stars

By Jim Donnelly | May 21st, 2014

Season 18 of Dancing with the Stars is in the books. Olympian Meryl Davis took home the coveted Mirrorball Trophy along with her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy. It was the perfect ending for the longtime Dancing pro in a season that saw its fair share of perfection on the dance floor. We thought it would fun to take one more look at all the perfectos of the season!

Moving Us to Tears: Season 18 champs Meryl and Maks had two perfect routines during the first half of the season finale. The first was for their Argentine Tango. Their second perfecto was for their freestyle dance. Beautiful and flowing are just two of the adjectives that spring to mind when describing it. Take a look at this romantic routine that moved Carrie Ann and so many others to tears.


The Comeback Kid: Week 8’s Dance Duels Night was filled with a wee bit of controversy involving guest judge Abby Lee Miller. It was also an evening of incredible comebacks. Amy’s back had seized up the week before. She had to be taken to the hospital, but the doctor determined that she could continue in the competition. However, her rib continued to pop out of place if she moved wrong. Think that was going to stop Amy Purdy from giving it her all? No way.


An Incredibly Warm Frozen Moment: It was Disney Night during Week 5. James was invited to the prom by a young girl with special needs. He couldn’t make it to the big dance, but he did the next best thing. James flew the young lady out to the ballroom so she could watch him do his dazzling routine to a tune from Frozen. See the moment James made a girl’s dream come true followed by a dance moment that will melt your heart. It happened to be the dance of the night leading to the first perfecto of the season.


Going For the Perfecto: Week 6 was all about all those fabulous rock anthems that folks like Redfoo of LMFAO made famous. So it was only fitting that he be a guest judge complete with his own color-coordinated paddles. He was looking for something to “rock his socks off!” Redfoo got his wish. Maks felt like he and Meryl did all that they could the previous week and still only scored 9s. What more could they do? Well, they could do a perfect tango in the dance of the night.


Early Mother’s Day Gift: See what a visit from mom can do? Charlie got a little pick-me-up during Week 8 rehearsals when his mother popped by for a little inspiration. After all, her baby boy has been inspiring their entire family for many years. See how Charlie’s routine served well as an early Mother’s Day present.


Stressed Out: During Week 9, Olympic skating legend/former Dancing champ Kristi Yamaguchi paid a visit to inspire Meryl during her rehearsal week. Perhaps she would have been better served to have a chat with Maks. He was a little stressed. Fortunately, his friendship with his partner helped this team get back on track and led to a perfect jive. Oh, and there was some kissing, too.


Another Perfecto: The last routine of the evening during Week 9 was another perfect performance from Meryl and Maks. Hard to believe this team was actually in jeopardy before being told they were headed to the finals.


Michael Jackson Moment: Week 9 was American Icons Night, so L.A. Reid popped by to tell James just what made Michael Jackson so special. It’s simple. He worked hard to be the best. James took this comment to heart as he and Peta prepared their cha cha to Michael’s “Love Never Felt So Good.” It was a fine routine with a cool little toss of the chapeau at the end.


Start Spreadin’ the News: During the Week 9 semifinals, Olympian Scott Hamilton stopped by to give Charlie a little inspiration during his rehearsal week with Sharna. Whatever he said certainly worked. Charlie’s foxtrot to “New York, New York” was “A-Number One, Top of the List” with a rousing solo spinning finish. We had to say goodbye to Charlie, but he certainly left us with something to remember him by.


Perfect Ending: As mentioned earlier, Maks and Meryl knocked out two perfect routines during the first half of the 2-night season finale event. They scored another perfecto for their fusion dance in the very last show. So did Amy and Derek. It was the perfect ending to a truly memorable season!



Congrats to the champs! See you in the fall!

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